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Comic-Con 2019 Recap

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Well, another San Diego Comic-Con has come and gone but not without some purely amazing moments, and some sad goodbyes to three fan-favorite shows. Plus Marvel Studios’ finally revealed their phase 4 slate. I was fortunate enough to experience some of these amazing moments (sadly didn’t get to see the Marvel panel), so here is a break-down of Comic-Con 2019.

Preview Night

I wish that I could say that Comic-Con 2019 started off great but that would be a lie. Preview night was more chaotic than previous years and the crowd control was horrible. The ABC booth was the worst, mainly with the line for the sign-ups for autographs. I got to the Exhibit Hall before it opened and when was in line for the sign-ups for not even 30 seconds when they shut it down until the following morning. Otherwise, the rest of the preview night was successful.

Day 1 – Thursday

Thursday was semi-successful. Tried the ABC booth again and was unsuccessful (even got to the exhibit hall really early). Although I tried everything possible to get a spot in the sign-up line but to no success. Crowd control around the booth was even worse than the night before, but I still got some pretty decent photos from the Stumptown signing, Then it was off to check out some panels for the day.

First up was Marvel’s Agents of Shield and this one was a little bittersweet as it was announced that morning that they would be ending with their upcoming seventh season – they are currently airing season 6. Got to look back at favorite moments from the last 5 seasons and a special look at the final episodes of season 6. Finally, we got a new look at the new HBO series His Dark Materials, based on the best selling book trilogy and this is a show you should not miss. 

Day 2 – Friday

Friday was a much better day. First on the agenda was the world premiere screening of the new season of Veronica Mars, and let me just say that the season starts off with a bang. The fourth season was set to premiere this Friday, July 26th but it got released that day so now all episodes are now available for streaming only on Hulu. Then attend the season 2 panel for the CW show Legacies and even though we didn’t get a first look at the new season they did deliver a very entertaining blooper reel.

Comic-Con 2019 Legacies Panel

Next up was the first look at Amazon Prime’s new series Carnival Row, starring Orlando Bloom and Cara Delevingne. This new series is a Victorian fantasy about a world filled with mythological immigrant creatures. These creatures are feared by humans and are forbidden to live, love, or fly with freedom. From the clips that were shown, this is another must-see show. Finally, got to watch the world premiere of Batman: Hush, a new animated DC Universe film. It was one of the better animated DC films and available now on Digital retailers and will be available on Bly-Ray beginning August 13th.

Day 3 – Saturday

Now Saturday was the day I was looking forward to the most. For the first time in the 7 years that I have been going, I finally was able to get a slot for the Funko booth and signing with the cast of American Dad. The Funko booth was huge and was able to grab everything I wanted. The American Dad signing was great and the cast was super nice and so much fun to talk too.

Comic-Con 2019: American Dad! Rachael McFarlane and Dee Dee Bradley

After all of that, I was still able to see the panels for all of my Arrowverse show – Arrow, Supergirl, Black Lightning, and The Flash. This was another bittersweet moment as we were saying goodbye to Arrow, the show that started everything and a show that near and dear to my heart. Tears were shared and the cast was so grateful to the fans and everyone involved and I’m excited to see how they end it. 

Day 4 – Sunday

Sunday brought the convention to a close with the final panel for Supernatural, which will be saying ending their 15-year run this fall on the CW. Finally was Riverdale, where we paid tribute to Luke Perry who played Fred Andrews on the series and even got a hilarious blooper reel.

Comic-Con 2019 Riverdale Panel

Overall, Comic-Con 2019 had its ups and downs but was still a fun and exciting experience and I can’t wait to come back next year. San Diego Comic-Con 2020 will be back July 23rd – 26th

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