E&L TV- June: Splash into summer

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E&L TV is the television version of the magazine we all love so much – The San Diego Entertainer. E&L TV helps us bring you even more great features about San Diego, and this month’s show is no different.

The program covers everything from fitness and health tips, gardening advice, features on local businesses and hidden jewels in our enchanting city.

Episodes air the first Sunday of every month on Channel 6 (The CW) on  Sunday June 3 at 5pm. In this month’s episode, we’ll show you how to “splash” into summer. We visited the Knotts Soak City theme park, which also serves as our host location. In addition to Knotts Soak City, we share more fitness tips from The Sporting Club in La Jolla, Evergreen Nursery shows us how to plant an above-ground planter box, and an amazing local artist is featured.

If you can’t wait until Sunday to learn about all things San Diego, then catch up on last month’s episode where we got an exclusive tour of Evergreen Nursery in Carmel Valley and to the breathtaking Estancia Hotel and Spa in La Jolla.  Click here and viewing last months show. You don’t want to miss out.

The June show, airing Sunday, continues the tradition of highlighting what this great city has to offer.  Set at Knotts Soak City viewers will learn about what the water park has in store for visitors this summer.  Maya will sit down with the Marketing Manager of Knotts Soak City, Brandon Paradeau, to get the inside scoop on what is new this season.  Brandon will take viewers through all the facilities that make Knotts Soak City such an ideal place for fun in the sun.  He will also give detailed descriptions of the different rides such as,  Pacific Spin, Coronado Express, La Jolla Falls, Imperial Run, Palisades Plunge, and Solona Storm Watch Tower.  Knotts Soak City’s safety is also highlighted as it is the greatest way to ensure that everyone will have a fun time in this exciting and family friendly atmosphere.  Another handy feature of Knotts Soak City is the Surf Shop.  If you forget something as essential as a towel or sunscreen for your visit it is no problem at all.  A quick trip to the Surf Shop will have you fully equipped and ready for a sun soaked day. Tune in to walk around with Maya and Brandon as they check out all the different features of Knotts Soak City.

Besides the great rides and attractions there is something new happening at the water park.  Knotts Soak City is now offering new food and beverage options for people of all ages.  Eric Wood, head cook of Eric’s Beach Club Bar, joins in on the fun to help Brandon and Maya share with viewers all the great new options for food.  Knotts Soak City will be offering everything from burritos to pizza and for adults there is Eric’s Beach Club and Bar.  There they offer specialty food as well as many different kinds of alcoholic beverages including over 30 kinds of beer.  For those looking to satisfy a sweet tooth, there is also the Surfer Dick’s Candy Shop for a sugary souvenir.

After talking about all the great food at Soak City, the thought of strutting your stuff in a swim suit may be too much. Well, not to fret.  This show has something great in store for you.  Besides all the fun in the sun during this episode E&L TV still brings you interesting and applicable lifestyle tips.  This episode has segments from Evergreen Nursery and The Sporting Club at Aventine, La Jolla.  Mark Collins, of Evergreen Nursery, offers viewers some exceptional tips on gardening.  As President of San Diego’s largest gardening center he has great advice for viewers gardening at home.  The show also features a fitness tip from The Sporting Club about utilizing kettle bells .

With all these exceptional tips and inside scoops, this is one show of E&L TV that you don’t want to miss. Tune in Sunday at 5pm on The CW or set those DVRs now. As always you can check back with SDEntertainer.com to stream the show online, or checkout our Facebook and Twitter because we’ll post links there too. We hope you’ll tune in!


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