E&L TV – May 2012 airs Sunday: The inside scoop on San Diego

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The first Sunday of every month E&L TV airs on San Diego’s CW Channel 6 to be your inside scoop for all things San Diego.  For those who don’t know, “E&L” stands for entertainment and lifestyle and in partnership with SDEntertainer.com, E&L TV focuses on what people from San Diego want to hear about.  Topics range from legal, financial, and nutritional advice voiced by local experts to sharing local jewels that make San Diego America’s finest city.  A single segment can blend vital information about your own financial situation, tasty recipes, and a fun new place in San Diego to explore.  All you have to do is tune into the latest show to discover how E&L TV strives to bring the best of San Diego straight to viewers.

In a recent show, E&L TV and host Maya Trabulsi took a look at the Sporting Club in La Jolla and why its training experts are part of a truly unique club that provides excellent training advice.   The show wraps up by shedding a spotlight on a local band called Black Top Royalty. Do any of these topics pique your interest?  Watch the E&L April show to learn more.

Centered around an essential pride of the variety of offerings that San Diego has, E&L TV has made its goal to help viewers get the most out of life.  The TV show is a relatively new way to reach out to the public, but its counterpart, The San Diego Entertainer Magazine or “SD Entertainer” for short, has been “your source for San Diego” since 1981.  As the creator of the “Best Of” awards for San Diego county SD Entertainer has demonstrated its in-depth knowledge of the city and the best places to go for a wide variety of categories.  After re-launching online a few years ago SDEntertainer.com has continued to provide San Diegans with things to do on the weekend, celebrity gossip, movie reviews, and local stories.  Its rich history in San Diego help to make E&L TV the best insight into the city.

The next episode airs Sunday, May 6 at 5pm on channel 6. will highlight Evergreen Nursery, Estancia La Jolla and The Sporting Club La Jolla.  You can join host Maya Trabulsi as she speaks with the general manager of Evergreen Nursery about what makes the gardening hot spot so special and helpful to customers.  After “putting away the gardening gloves” E&L TV highlight the Estancia Hotel and Spa in La Jolla.  The rustic environment is perfect for weddings, meetings, or just to get away.  With its Rancho-style buildings and central location that’s near shopping sites, the beach, and golf-courses this is one of San Diego’s best resorts.  The show also features fitness tips from The Sporting Club La Jolla and an interview with Taryn Huhn the Associate Publisher of the SD Entertainer.

In the interview Tayrn announces some exciting changes to SD Entertainer that have taken place recently.  Changes include a new look that is more user friendly than ever and a new feature that allows you to watch episodes of E&L TV, share articles on Facebook, Twitter, and much more.  Also, the Local Music Alliance program will be re-launched in order to give local musicians an incentive to perform and win a great prize and it’s a way to support local music from San Diego.  With all that coming up and more now is the best time to start tuning into E&L TV and learning about San Diego from the people who know it best.


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