E&L TV: Flagship Cruises and Gaslamp’s Cremolose Restaurant

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We are constantly striving to bring you the top news through Entertainer and Lifestyles Television and the newest episode is definitely a great one. As we explored San Diego’s famous shores, we were lucky enough to host the show from Flagship Cruise’s newest vessel, “California Spirit.” Between our exploration of Flagship Cruises and our adventures with downtown restaurant Cremolose, this newest segment was definitely a great one!

“California Spirit” is certainly a cruise ship above the rest and seems to be the perfect place to enjoy a cruise around San Diego’s famous bay. The vessel makes it a point to give guests everything they may want from a great night out. Guests will be able to find exquisite cuisine, from fresh seafood to tasty beverages (including various champagnes, wines, and beers), to make their dining experience the best. They’ll also get to enjoy their meals, be it the Sunday prime rib dinner or various buffet options, while gazing out over San Diego’s beautiful skyline. The ship also offers a Nightly Dinner Dance Cruise, which is exactly as it sounds: enjoy a night of dinner and dancing!

Flagship Cruises certainly embodies San Diego’s free-spirited lifestyle and knows exactly how to deliver the kind of entertainment people come to expect. People can anticipate a nautical getaway, complete with sophisticated dining and relaxation, making it the perfect excuse to indulge yourself. Maybe you need a break from the kids, from work, or maybe just a free night for yourself; regardless of why you need it, Flagship Cruise will definitely deliver a fun night out.

If this past fourth of July was any indication, Flagship is certainly a great place to be for celebrations of many kinds. Flagship offers a Spectator’s Cruise, which glides you along the harbor, and what better way to watch any fireworks show than from the middle of the bay, view unimpeded by buildings and trees? With a varied snack bar on board, filled with treats and drinks, guests found that the Spectator’s Cruise was the perfect way to celebrate any occassionwith family and friends.

Aside from July fourth, Flagship Cruises is a great choice for pretty much any event and gathering, from private dining to company events. If you’re always hunting for the best idea for your family to celebrate the next holiday, do it aboard a ship! Everything is better when out on sea. Possibly the neatest event to hold aboard a cruise ship is a wedding. From the effortless fun of celebrating on a private boat to the picturesque background of either the San Diego shores or the open-sea horizon, it’s a great way to start off a new life. To make sure everything will go off without a hitch is the friendly and knowledgeable staff on hand. The staff is trained to help custom-tailor your wedding to make sure it’s remembered as the wedding of your dreams. Brides will be able to choose whether they want a small, intimate wedding, or a grand extravaganza under the stars, and always be relaxed in knowing a team of professionals is standing by to make things perfect.

While “California Spirit” is the newest and biggest vessel, offering guests a great night of fine dining and entertainment with 360-degree views, Flagship also has an entire fleet of ships to choose from. The “Spirit of San Diego” is a great choice for any special occasion, especially due to its indoor and outdoor dining areas, as well as entertainment areas. The “California Princess” is the perfect venue for a magical night. As the name implies, it is ideal for fairytale weddings and special events, bringing guests both dining and entertainment.

While Flagship ensures a magical night on the water, you can still have a magical night on land as long as you choose the right venue. Cremolose in the heart of San Diego’s Gaslamp is a modern European restaurant that serves breakfast, lunch, and late-night dinners, striving to satisfy any craving you may have. With a great cocktail bar and yummy gelato in the dessert counter, this restaurant is a one-of-a-kind jewel on land.

Vincenzo Loverso, the Executive Chef and Owner of Cremolose, spoke with us about the fantastic eatery, especially about how the restaurant is more than just a typical business one finds in San Diego. Spanning an impressive 5,000 square feet, Cremolose is instilled with the essence of Europe, which is reflected in the menu and venue, all given a very modern twist. With the popularity of pets, the outdoor sitting area is even pet friendly, making it a perfect place to stop by while walking your pooch.

The menu is certainly inspired by Italy and features dozens of Italian classics, featuring oven-baked pizzas, pastas, and entrees including salmon, ahi tuna, and cioppino. While the venue maintains a very upscale feel, it’s still a very relaxing atmosphere. Happy hours specials are pretty impressive and last from 3 p.m. to 7 p.m. every day. Select beers are only $3, while premium beers, wells, and house wines are just $5. There’s specialty cocktails priced at just $7, as well as very well-priced appetizers to go along with the drinks.

Cremolose also features a bakery and makes their very own Italian gelato, as well as their tasty namesake, cremolose. In case you don’t know what the strange-sounding desert is, cremolose is a soft, cold cream with fruits and flavors of the Mediterranean, like tangerine, wild berries, pistachio, almond, coconut, prickly pear, and strawberry. It has a different texture from gelato, ice cream, and sorbet, making it sort of difficult to grasp until you’ve tried some of your own. Aside from the tasty cremolose, the desert bar also has 40 different kinds of cakes made in-house, all in either individual serving sizes or larger group sizes.

Something really interesting about this restaurant is that it is in one of San Diego’s historic landmarks, the San Diego Hardware Company. The old sign is even still resting outside and the ceiling design is exactly the same. With unique business hours, Cremolose is taking advantage of the late-night downtown crowds. On Fridays and Saturdays, it stays open all the way until 2 a.m., and sometimes even later, making it the perfect place to stop by with friends after a night at the bar.

From exquisite experience on the sea with Flagship Cruises to fantastic offerings on land with Cremolose, San Diego is the perfect place to celebrate all of life’s greatest moments. Make sure to keep checking out E & L TV on the first Sunday of every month for new and exciting things to do in San Diego!


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