Three Perfect Beach Beverages for San Diego Summer

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Tired of Whiteclaw? These days, I feel white girl wasted just scrolling through Instagram. Here are three other options for beach beverages to add to your repertoire: 

Easy Frosé

This season’s hottest drink debut is Martini & Rossi Frosé, a frozen cocktail that doesn’t require you to pull out the blender. San Diego is among the few exclusive cities where you can get these convenient Frosé pouches of the new Martini & Rossi Frosé.

Whether at the beach, the pool, or a summer concert in the park, the Frosé pouches go where bottles can’t. It’s made with Italian rose wine, natural fruit flavors and sugar cane, ready-to-drink after 4-8 hours in the freezer. Once the drink has frozen, knead the pouch to a nice, slushy consistency. You can drink directly in the pouch, or pour into a glass. Each individual packet of Frosé is priced at $3.99.

Hard Kombucha

Boochcraft introduced 12-ounce cans of its hard kombucha back in April and we’ve been loving it all summer. Its higher in alcohol (7% ABV, comparable to a typical IPA), with all the buzzy characteristics – raw, organic, gluten-free, and vegan, with all the gut-healthy benefits kombucha. A 4-pack is priced at $13.99

The freshly canned lineup includes 2 new flavors and 2 bestsellers:

(New!) Orange Pomegranate Beet – Robust pomegranate is melded with slightly sweet, lightly tart oranges and complemented with earthy beetroot and a delicate bloom of savory rosemary.

(New!) Lemon Maple Thyme – Zippy lemon and a dry minty aroma of thyme are balanced out by perfectly sweet maple syrup.

Grapefruit Hibiscus Heather – Sweet yet biting grapefruit juice colored delicately pink with hibiscus adds a deep, rich cranberry backbone while supplying a subtle strawberry finish.

Ginger Lime Rosehips – Spicy fresh-pressed ginger juice and lime juice are paired with bright, zesty rosehips. 

Hard Coconut Water 

Bring your coconut water obsession to the next level with Hard Coconut Waters (4.2% ABV), with alcohol created naturally through fermentation. The manufacturer, LQD, brews it to be gluten-free with five simple ingredients: coconut water, purified water, coconut water from concentrate, malted rice syrup and natural flavor.

It starts with coconut water and pure cane sugar, fermented into alcohol, then they blend in more coconut water for a refreshing taste. Fermentation, a natural process used in kefir, beer, and kimchi, uses microorganisms to convert carbs to alcohol or organic acids. The end result? 140 calories per 12-ounce can, with a fresh coconut water taste and a dry, subtly sweet finish.

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