The Best of San Diego’s Speakeasies

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Why go to a regular bar when you can transport yourself back to the prohibition era by heading to some of the finest speakeasies in San Diego? Enjoy a sophisticated atmosphere while sipping on handcrafted cocktails with your friends when you visit one of the locations.

Noble Experiment 

Located in the Neighborhood restaurant, the Noble Experiment is accessible through a secret unexpected passageway. Near the bathroom there appears to be a wall of kegs piled on each other; they disguise the door that leads you to one of the coolest speakeasies in San Diego. The Noble Experiment provides an unparalleled experience when it comes to handcrafted cocktails – the bartenders create custom drinks based on your preferences. If you choose to visit, be sure to make a reservation exactly one week in advance by texting 619-888-4713.

Raised by Wolves 

Existing within a hidden area in Westfield UTC, Raised by Wolves is easily one of the coolest speakeasies in San Diego. You access the bar through a super neat rotating fireplace platform, and once inside, you’re treated to some of the best cocktails in San Diego. The menu is comprehensive, with offerings encompassing the entirety of high quality cocktails. There is even a reserve menu that has exorbitant drinks like a $790 Vintage Old-Fashioned.


101 Proof 

Urge Gastropub is a fantastic destination for trying a wide range of whiskey, but they also have a semi-secret speakeasy contained within the walls. A copper-tinted interior with dark leathery interior, vintage glassware, and plenty of elegant touches make 101 Proof a top notch speakeasy. There is a strict crowd control set of rules, so you’ll never be there without a seat of your own. Reservations can be made through online checking or by checking their Instagram for passwords.

The Charles Kenneth Speakeasy 

Located in a cellar location that was the location of an actual prohibition era speakeasy in Carlsbad, The Charles Kenneth exemplifies the true spirit of these hidden bars. Phones and photography are strictly prohibited, and a dress code is in effect during the weekend, so no hats or open toed shoes either. Passwords for entrance can be found on their Instagram, so be on the lookout before heading out. 


False Idol 

After passing through a walk-in cooler in Little Italy’s Craft & Commerce, you’ll find yourself in this amazing tiki bar. False Idol is known for its strong cocktails and cave-like ambiance, with no detail spared in this immersive speakeasy experience. Reservations are recommended, but they have space set aside if you’re unable to score yourself a table. 

Vin de Syrah

The more hidden the entrance to a speakeasy, the better, and Vin de Syrah does not disappoint. Located beneath the Melting Pot in San Diego, you enter this subterranean bar through a winding staircase, making you feel like you just took a trip with Alice down the rabbit hole. Inspired by lounges in New York’s meatpacking district, Vin de Syrah offers an exquisite selection of cheeses, desserts, wine, and cocktails. Their wine list boasts over 100 different bottles, many of them esoteric selections you won’t find anywhere else. Plus, you can enjoy your bites and drinks with live entertainment by jazz musicians, DJ’s, and even tarot card readers and illusionists.


Prohibition League 

Expect to step into the past when visiting Prohibition League, as it’s a place that upholds the standing tradition of speakeasies. A rigorous dress code is required, and cell phones are not allowed at the bar. All those who enter are expected to maintain an open mind about the cocktails they consume. The drinks on the menu are crafted with the finest ingredients and mixed by some of the most talented bartenders in all of San Diego.

Bar Three Piece 

This whiskey only speakeasy offers over 250 different bottles that are sure to impress even the most experienced of drinkers. Bar Three Piece is hidden behind the Seven Grand Whiskey Bar in North Park, and offers its patrons a place to enjoy a drink while listening to smooth jazz. With hardwood floors, dimly lit lanterns, and cozy booths, this fine establishment covers all the bases for a top-tier speakeasy. Whiskey neat, over a hand cut ice cube, or an Old Fashioned is what this place does best, but they also offer lighter selections.


Polite Provisions

One of the more accessible speakeasies of San Diego, Polite Provisions is located next to Soda and Swine, and is open to all without a reservation. Their cocktail menu is diverse and accommodates all sorts of drinkers who prefer a variety of liquors and flavors. Their menu changes frequently due to seasonal availability of ingredients, so there is always something new to try.

Realm of the 52 Remedies

Realm of the 52 Remedies transports visitors through time where secret concoctions stimulating vitality and vigor are developed, cherished, and prescribed. This hidden speakeasy, located in Common Theory off of Convoy St., conjures up images beginning with an apothecary of the future, treasuring traditional Chinese medicinal treatments and methodologies, later to reveal a mysterious path to the past leading to where it all began. Serving cocktails and small plates inspired by the flavors, unique ingredients, and artistry of the Far East, enter a world not seen by many before and perhaps discover the cure to what ails you.

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