SD Brewfest 2017: Support Your Local Homebrewers

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This Saturday, 35 local homebrewers are bringing their tried and true craft creations to the public eye (and mouth). Come be the judge and participate in naming this year’s People’s Choice awardee, all while contributing to a much larger cause. SD Homebrew Fest 2017 is an annual event that sponsors a charity while giving homebrewers a chance to showcase their work. Proceeds from the $40 entry tickets will go to support Friends of Jefferson, an organization that helps teachers bridge the financial gap for the arts and sciences in their schools. 

The event includes unlimited beer tastings, vendors, food, and a whole lot of fun. Tickets are available for designated drivers, so put your mind at ease and get home safe. Industry judges will also be there to rate the top three beers, based on their trained expertise. Watch a local homebrewer gain momentum, as they receive this honorary award that could put them on the map.

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Interested in becoming a homebrewer yourself? Come learn some tricks of the trade from beginner or experienced brewers. Or, stop on by The Homebrewer SD who prides themselves in providing resources for the homebrewing community. 

The Details:


Saturday, March 18th, from 12-4PM (Rain or shine!)


North Park Mini Park Site
2896 North Park Way
San Diego, CA 92104

(Behind the Observatory)


A competition featuring:

  • 35 homebrewed beers
  • 9 San Diego craft breweries
  • Vendors
  • Food
  • Unlimited Tastings

Come support the local homebrew community and encourage their efforts as they continue to put their passion to action, making a better beer with each try.

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