Mondays at the San Diego Tap Room

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The Monday blues won’t exist if you spend them filled with beer and entertainment at the San Diego Tap Room. The Tap Room in San Diego has transformed Monday nights into something that you will look forward to, while allowing you to relax. With 50 beers on tap while also having 100 craft bottles, the Tap Room will be your new candy shop for beer and wines. Make Monday’s your favorite day and be hoppy all week long.

Happy Hour

Happy hour is Monday through Friday, and includes deals such as $2 off all tap beers, appetizers, and cocktails. Start off with flavorful calamari dipped in spicy sauces, complimented by your favorite brew. Or, let your taste buds dive into the flavor of Beer Soakers, which is pizza dough with cheese, garlic, and marinara sauce.  Some say is one of the best happy hour deals you can find in Pacific beach, making it a Monday night hot spot.

Monday Night Trivia

Every Monday from 8pm through 10pm, there is a host from a local brewery that will come and join you, for exhilirating trivia. You can win a plethora of prizes and enjoy the company of your friends and coworkers. This is exactly what you need after a Monday at the office, so bring your co workers with you so that you can all celebrate a Monday well done.

Burger Monday

Delicious food is just as important as a discounted cocktails. Every Monday the San Diego Tap Room will give you $3 off on all of the Angus Beef Burgers. The best part about this deal is that it lasts all day, so no need to rush. Come enjoy a deliciously grilled burger with your favorite drink and appetizer after a long Monday of hard work. Sit back, relax, and enjoy quality food, while sipping on new beers with your best friends.

Specialty Bottle Monday

Fill your Mondays with specialty bottles that will be 15% off. You will have over 75 choices that include bottles from out of the country, which will allow your to venture outside of your usual drink choice, allowing you to try new things. Fill your Monday with culture, and discounted bottles that you and your friends can all enjoy.

The San Diego Tap Room takes pride in making your experience a perfect one, and is only a few blocks from Pacific beach. Enjoy your beer with the sunset in the background as you hear the waves crash right down the road. This establishment has a dedication to making sure that every ounce of beer that you consume, is of the best quality and absolutely fresh with flavor. Venture out with your beer choices and try the Not Hazy IPA or the tangy Red Trolley. There is something here for everyone, whether you want a beer that is hoppy or sweet, or delicious food that will be your new Monday craving. Start your week off right, and fill your Monday with beer drinking activities that will get you exited for the rest of the week.

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