5th Avenue Bar Crawl in Gaslamp

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Do something different this weekend, and plan a bar hopping adventure with your best friends. Down Town San Diego is filled with vibrant bars and exhilarating environments that will give you a perfect night out. Instead of doing a properly planned bar crawl, plan your own. 5th avenue is filled with outrages bars, and we’re giving you advice on what bars you should put on your list.

The Tipsy Crow is the longest standing bar in San Diego, and steers away from the traditional bar scene. Every Monday through Saturday from the time the bar opens, to 8pm (5pm on Sundays), you can be a part of the drink exchange. The prices decrease or completely crash every 5 minutes mimicking the stock market, so take the opportunity to buy a drink at an extremely low wager. The price of the drink depends on the demand in the market, which uses the stock market data, making drinking an exhilarating activity.

After you’ve been enticed by the drinking excitement at the Tipsy Crow, you can then make your way down 5th avenue to The Hopping Pig.  This bar specializes in local beer with 32 brews on tap, and has a food menu inspired by, you guessed it, pork. This bar is open every single day of the year, which means you can have an exhilirtating time no matter what day of the week, or the time of year. Happy hour includes pints, $4.5 well drinks, $3 mimosas, and $5 Bloody Mary’s, with happy hour ending at 7:00 pm.

After you’ve tasted your specialty beers and chowed down on your pork, if you’re still determined to finish your crawl, make your way to Whisky Girl. There are over 70 different types of whiskey to enjoy, as well as craft beer.  Whisky Girl is one of the most successful entertainment establishments in San Diego. There is live music and creates the ultimate atmosphere for a night out. To keep things interesting, there are different specials every night, including $2 street tacos on Tuesdays, and $4 shock tops on Thursdays.

Get ready for your 4th destination of the night at the Florent Restaurant and Lounge. This two level night time destination, will add a perfect addition to your bar crawl. There is live music so that you can cut loose while showing off your best moves, while sipping on local craft beer and craft cocktails. Some of the décor is influenced by the Old City Hall building, and has a vibrant atmosphere, with a bar located on both levels.

You are finally ready for your last stop, and you are a trooper if you’ve made it this far, so don’t quit now. Circle back up for your last bar of the night and enter the whimsical place that is McFadden’s. This bar is known as the “Wildest Irish Pub on Earth”, saving the best for last. Complete with an out door patio, room to dance, and bottle service. End your adventure with a delicious Irish or Kentucky Mule, while getting ready to reminisce about your night.

San Diego is the perfect place to create your own bar crawl, so be creative and gather a group of friends that are ready to take on the challenge with you.

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