Top Grilling Tips for Holiday Entertaining

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With our perfect San Diego weather we get to grill out all year long. Whether you’re grilling for an Aztec football game or entertaining family over the holidays, we’ve got your grilling tips from Kennedy’s meat manager Dave Burr & owner of Kennedy’s Meat Company Mark Soto:

Picking Your Meat

  1. Visit your local market instead of a chain grocery store. Not only do you know where you’re getting your meat from and your butcher’s name, but there is usually a better selection, quality meats, and customer service.
  2. If you want something with a lot of flavor, good marbling, and doesn’t take too long to grill, try Kennedy’s Carne Asada. It’s pre-marinated easy to cook. You always want to make sure that you’re buying USDA Choice grade beef and above.
  3. Ask your butcher for the “eye” – also known as center cut. This meat is most tender because it is protected by the other muscles. Look for Loin, Porterhouse, or Filets if you’re going to cook steaks.
  4. To feed the masses, look for meat with a higher fat content, something like Chuck Steak, Brisket, Tri-Tips. The price point is better and the flavor is always there.

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Grilling Tips

  1. If you have the option, steer away from a gas grill. Barbequing with wood chips is your best bet to add that smoke flavor.
  2. To season your meat, you can never go wrong with garlic, salt, and pepper. Simple is always tasty! Or, to make it easy, purchase meat that is already marinated.
  3. Aluminum foil is your best friend when grilling. Lay it down on top of the grill for an easy cleanup or wrap it around meats to help retain moisture and heat.
  4. Don’t poke or flip the meat until a sear crust develops and be sure to use a thermometer instead of a knife to check if the meat is done. This will keep all the juices and heat within the meat.
  5. Timing meat can always be tricky if you are new. I can tell by look and smell, but if you’re unclear, use a thermometer.

Below are the temperatures for the top three grilled meats:

  • Steak (medium): Take off the grill at 140 degrees (final temperature should be 145 degrees)
  • Chicken: 165 degrees
  • Pork: 145 degrees
  1. Meat continues to cook when taken off the grill, so keep that in mind! Always wait five minutes before cutting or serving.

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