Ruby Chocolate is the Newest Sweet Sensation

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Hailed as the biggest innovation in chocolate in over 80 years, ruby chocolate is the next sweet sensation you have to try, and finally, it’s making its way to America. In 2017, scientists at the Swiss-chocolate making company Barry Callebaut debuted the first new natural chocolate since the development of white chocolate by Nestle.

Called ruby chocolate, this sweet confection is made from the unique ruby cocoa bean found in South America. The ruby cocoa bean is characterized for its striking rosy-pink hue, a colorful contrast from the usual dark and white chocolate we have grown accustomed to.


At the time of launch, Barry Callebaut characterized the chocolate as having a completely new flavor profile unlike that of white and dark chocolate. It is described as having a “tension between berry fruitiness and luscious smoothness,” despite not having any added coloring or flavoring from berries.

Since its creation, ruby chocolate has seen a steady expansion into international markets such as Japan, where it was released in the Ruby Kit Kat Bars which grew to be an instant hit. It was also launched in various candy products in Europe, Australia, and New Zealand. So why no love for the U.S. until now?

Well, it turns out the Food and Drug Administration has very strict rules regarding what can and can’t be labeled as chocolate. To be able to sell ruby chocolate as it is, Barry Callebaut must get approval from the FDA, a move that has received pushback from other top chocolatiers that are hesitant to adopt this new creation.

Nonetheless, it is still possible to get ruby chocolate in the states, but it will be sold under the name “ruby couverture” to circumvent the FDA regulations. Back in February, Trader Joe’s released a ruby chocolate item called Ruby Cacao Wafers, but they quickly sold out due to limited supplies. For now, your best bet is to head over to Amazon or eBay to grab some until ruby chocolate finally gets approved in the US.

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