Recipes to perfect before Thanksgiving

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The holidays can be a lovely, but stressful time. With the joy of the holiday season, comes learning to cook your family’s favorite food, shopping for gifts, and decorating the house for possibly the best season of the year. During the hustle and bustle of the upcoming holiday season, we want to make your holiday cooking as tranquil as possible. Take a look at the recipes below to perfect before Thanksgiving arrives.
Apple Pie – If warm apple pie doesn’t come to mind during the holidays, something is obviously wrong. Apple Pie can either be the easiest thing to cook if you are a pro, or can be very complicated. Impress your friends and family with this simple, but delicious apple pie.


Turkey – The turkey can be the make or break of your thanksgiving. We know that cooking this massive bird can be very difficult and have many chances to go down in flames, literally. Food Network is gracing us with the World’s Simplest Thanksgiving Turkey, to save us all from the judgment of ruining Thanksgiving. Looking for something a little more complicated, but extra-delicious, try this SD Entertainer favorite turkey recipe.


Stuffing – Stuffing is a tricky one. Many people are very picky about their stuffing, while others don’t mind for it at all. Either way it is a Thanksgiving staple, and it is time to face your fear of making it. Any recipe that starts with the world “simple” is a great recipe in our book. Try making this “Simple is Best” Dressing.  Or, check out this SD Entertainer favorite stuffing recipe.

Sweet Potatoes – If you can’t wow them with the main courses, amaze them with the side dishes.  Who doesn’t love sweet potatoes covered with marshmallows and glazed with sugar? That’s exactly what this Brown Sugar-Glazed Sweet Potatoes with Marshmallows recipe has. Sign us up!


Cocktails – If all else fails and your cooking goes awry, pullout plan B and start shaking up the cocktails. Distract your friends and family from the burnt turkey with this Thanksgiving Cider. Made with Pumpkin Pie Vodka and Apple Cider, your Thanksgiving will be a hit. There are a number of holiday cocktails to try, so don’t be shy.



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