SD Beer Week’s best food pairings

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The vibrant enigmatic city of San Diego is nearing its conclusion for one of the most jubilant events of the year—Beer Week.

Let that one sink into your psyche. Yes, we know it’s a sullen thought.

But don’t fret, we have the best recipe to the occasion with some of our favorite beer and food pairings that will make this experience a memorable one for your taste buds.

heartandtrotterIf you are new to the San Diego area, then look no further than North Park for all of your special breweries with some of the finest beers the city has to offer the masses. The Heart & Trotter is one of the quintessential places for trying out a combination of smooth refreshing beer complemented by quality food. There is nothing on tap, but you can find a great selection of San Diego brews in their refrigerator that will pair well with their delicious sandwiches, sausages and more.

In addition to creating your own sandwich, this pad offers some of the best beers in town along with the best prices starting at $4 on happy hour specials. The best drink and food pairing from H&T is the bitter-tasting but flavorful Mike Hess double IPA with their signature house burger. They will also be hosting an event on November 12 featuring a band and butcher demo to commemorate SD Beer Week (SDBW).

Moving right along, many may consider that one of the more unlikely food pairings with beer would be pasta. But during the perennial event, it’s better that you espouse an unapologetic, experimental take on the week. If you’re looking to expand your beer horizons, then the Karl Strauss Brewing Company is the best place to start.

One of Karl Strauss' specialties: Wreck Alley Imperial Stout.

One of Karl Strauss’ specialties: Wreck Alley Imperial Stout.

This year, the company will be showcasing their Peanut Butter Cup Porter, which debuted at SDBW in 2012. Now it’s back in refined form and is highly recommended to test with the recommended pairings of any desserts that resemble a chocolate or peanut butter taste. If you find yourself vacillating on the best choices that can complement your beer, then coffee ice cream would be the perfect fit for this robust brown porter.

If you are in the Mira Mesa area, then make sure to stop by their brewery garden for a chance to take part in their SDBW beer brunch on November 13.

Make sure to try out a variety of beers during SDBW to ensure a fulfilling experience.

Make sure to try out a variety of beers during SDBW to ensure a fulfilling experience.

Rounding up our list of best food and beer pairings for SDBW is Sessions Public, which is located in the Point Loma area. While it’s tucked away from the exciting ambiance of the city life, Sessions Public offers the perfect combination of curiosity and quality. Their best beer and food pairing is their renowned grilled cheese -which is served at a discounted price Tuesdays- along with any of their craft beer selections.

If you’re in the area, then make sure to check out their events which differ from day to day. November 11 features Little Miss Brewing, ‘free pint night’ and military discounts for Veterans Day. November 12th will feature beers from Fall Brewing, and November 13th features Garage Sale Brewing.

For a full comprehensive list of breweries in the area, jump over to the SDBW page, which gives you the full run-down of locations and events as the festivities begin to shut down.

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