4 Beautiful Wines You Should Serve This Thanksgiving

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Tired of guessing in which direction to go for Thanksgiving beverages? Whether you want to spruce up the drink table or narrow down your drink list, we have what you need. Just picking up a bottle isn’t enough—you have to make sure the bottle pairs well with the meal, too. To help you on the road to pairing success, we’ve listed a few of our favorite wines you should serve this Thanksgiving. From bubbles to deep reds, we have a bottle to suit every craving. Explore some more below!

There are so many wines to choose from, and we’ve narrowed it down to four? Don’t fret—these are just the starting mark for you, but we’ll lay out some other options if these aren’t your favorites.


Sauvignon Blanc

Or… Chenin Blanc, Gewürztraminer

If you’re looking for one go-to bottle for Thanksgiving, pick up Sauvignon Blanc. Basically any bottle will do, but ones that are a bit more citrus-forward will partner well with the variety of dishes on the table. Not to mention, the higher acidity of this wine style make it easy to pair—from your sweeter plates to your juicy turkey!

Sweet Pick


Or, for dessert… Port, Ice Wine

We didn’t pick Moscato because it’s a bit too sweet for Thanksgiving. Our sweet picks aren’t toothache-sweet—rather, they have just the right amount of sweet to tickle your taste buds without completely overpowering every dish on the table. That’s where Riesling comes in—you can go for a late-harvest Riesling if you still want sweet, but it will pair more easily. Or go for a dry Riesling, which still has touches of sweetness but acts as a more versatile choice.


Brut Rosé

Or… Lambrusco, Blanc de Blancs

There are so many different bubbles in the world—how do you choose the right wine to serve this Thanksgiving? Our advice? Spice things up with a Rosé Brut. You could also go for something with a bit more fruit flavor by choosing one labeled “extra-dry.” Your options are varied—even a simple Prosecco can do the trick!


Pinot Noir

Or… Gamay Noir, Beaujolais

Oh, the red of all reds for the holidays! We didn’t choose a full-bodied red because it can intimidate too many people and because it simply won’t mesh with as many dishes on the table. Pinot Noir it is! Light, fruit-forward or spiced, lighter on the tannins, and more varied than most wines, any bottle is sure to work. Pick up a bottle from Willamette Valley, and you’ll be set!

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