Valentine’s Day flavors: Chocolate Ale and Adult Chocolate Milk

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At a time when chocolate cravings are at a peak, alcohol vendors are armed and ready to satisfy Valentine’s Day cravings with a variety of chocolate flavored products.  A chocolatier, and a brewer in Kansas City, Missouri, make this adult’s dreams come true with their newest take on Chocolate Ale.

Christopher Elbow Chocolates and Boulevard Beer spent months working on the ideal flavor notes their unique Chocolate Ale would represent.  It proved a several months-long process for these experts.

“We ended up backtracking and using cocoa beans to get the flavor in because that’s where I think you get the true flavor of chocolate,” Elbow said to KMBC.com. “(We) tried different cocoa nibs, different concentrations, tedious work, lot of tastings, but you know, part of the job I guess,” explained Boulevard’s Brew Master Steven Pauwels.

They only made 1,600 cases of their now exclusive product.

The Chocolate Ale is so popular, it’s already completely sold out! Vendors have waiting lists full, forcing people to wait on the next batch.  However, there has been no confirmation whether any more will be made.

“Well, I don’t know. It’s a big discussion right now,” brew master Pauwels has said to KMBC.com.

Chocolate Ale is not the only chocolate flavored alcoholic drink on the market.  Introducing, Adult Chocolate Milk.

Wondering how chocolate milk could get any better? California mom Tracy Reinhardt’s recipe combines chocolate milk with vodka to create the very first batch of Adult Chocolate Milk.

The Adult Chocolate Milk’s slogan, “Re-Taste Your Youth at 40 Proof,” calls out to every over-21 chocolate lover.  The creamy liqueur is sold at participating Costco and BevMo locations all across California.

However, pleasing your childhood sweet tooth comes at a price.  Each 750 ml bottle costs $18.99.

Would you try either of these R-rated delicious treats? Which one calls out to your sweet tooth?

For more information about Adult Chocolate Milk, check out their website http://www.adultchocolatemilk.com/home

Photos via flickr and Ali West via Flickr

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