Sushi Deli: Amazing Quality and Reasonable Prices

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San Diegans love sushi, and we’re always looking for good quality at reasonable prices. One such place is Sushi Deli.

Great service, amazing sushi with a fun atmosphere, this place definitely deserves a good review. There are three Sushi Deli locations in San Diego: Hillcrest, Gaslamp and Clairemont.

Sushi Deli opened in 1983 and started out serving sandwiches and sushi in downtown San Diego.  They are no longer serving sandwiches, but they have continued serving the best value Japanese food to San Diego locals. Their mission is to serve the best tasting sushi at extremely reasonable prices. The growing menu features over 70 sushi rolls, which combine new ideas and value in both quality and quantity.

The first tip for anyone going to Sushi Deli: get there early. It becomes crowded very quickly and they don’t take reservations. Getting there around 5:30 p.m. on a Sunday night means the room is packed.

After entering the restaurant, most (if not all) of the staff greets you. It may take a while to browse the menu; it’s incredibly large and everything looks so appetizing.

During the past Valentine’s Day holiday they had a special which included Valentine’s Day themed rolls, including “Valentine” and “Cupid” rolls, along with the Tropical Valentine Roll. When hearing what was in the roll, my first reaction was, “How would that taste good?” This roll has avocado, mango and chocolate sauce on top with banana tempura, sweet potato tempura and mango sauce wrapped inside of soy paper. The combination was intriguing, and I ordered it. I took my first bite not knowing what I was in for, and it turned out to be amazing. The unique concoction of all those ingredients made it so flavorful and refreshing.

For those that love tuna, the “Tuna Temptation” roll is the roll for you. The garlic chicken bento box is another great deal, especially for those less fond of sushi. The box had chicken seared with amazing garlic sauce, tuna rolls, calamari, rice, salad and miso soup. It is highly recommended that you split their bento boxes between two or more people.

Sushi Deli also has great happy hour deals. Between 5:00-6:30pm Monday through Thursday at all three Sushi Deli locations, all beer is 50% off. They also have a drink special, including a large beer and sake for only $3.50.

The experience at Sushi Deli is so fun, you’ll be going back again and again. All the employees were friendly, the service was quick, the food was amazing and the overall atmosphere of the restaurant made the dining experience even more unique.

Each location has its own lunch and dinner hours, and these details can be found on their website.

Photos from cyclonebill and Sakura_Kaiten_Sushi/Alpha via Flickr

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