How To Pull Off A Deep Fried Turkey For Thanksgiving

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There are few things more iconic than a roasted turkey for your Thanksgiving meal. A well-cooked turkey can often take a very long time to cook, depending on the size. If you want your meal ready by a certain time, you’ll have to get a huge head start to get it cooked. However, in recent years, preparing your turkey via deep fryer has become an increasingly popular method. Taking considerably less time than cooking your turkey in the oven, deep-frying your turkey results in having deliciously moist taste with crispy, and very tasty, skin. Before you start though, there are several steps and tips you need to know in order to ensure you deep-fry your bird carefully.

First off, you’ll need to purchase a turkey deep-fryer. Simply using your stove won’t work, and won’t be safe, due to the size of the turkey. When you select your turkey from the store, it is wise to pick one weighing between 10-20 pounds. Once you choose, one, you need to begin thawing it before cooking. A rule of thumb is for every 5 pounds, it will take 1 full day to thaw in the refrigerator. After removing the neck, place the turkey in the fryer and fill with water until the water reaches 1-inch below the top of the turkey. Place a mark on the pot, as this will be your oil line.

Next you’ll want to prepare your turkey. After removing the neck and giblets, it should be dry and have an empty cavity. For the skin, it’s recommended you use a dry rub. For the inside, you’ll want to inject the turkey with a marinade to your liking, which will ensure the meat is moist. Once you’ve made sure you’ve injected the marinade evenly throughout the turkey, allow it to marinade for at least 2 hours, but reserving a whole night for marinating is best.

When your bird is done marinating, begin prepping the fryer. You need to choose a spot that is safe and away from anything flammable. Don’t fry the turkey on a deck, patio, garage, or near roof overhang. This is so the oil doesn’t splatter everywhere, potentially causing a fire. Place the turkey stand that came with your deep-fryer into the body cavity of the bird, then place the loop of it through the next and have it exit through the cavity near the legs. Next, tie the legs together with string. Begin pouring canola or peanut oil into the the pot, and light the outdoor cooker with a low flame, gradually increasing the heat until it reaches 325 to 350 degrees Fahrenheit.

Finally, the part you’ve been waiting for: deep-frying your turkey. After it reaches the correct temperature (350 for 10-13 pounds, 325 for 14-20 pounds), carefully lower the turkey partially into the pot, then lift it out, repeating this 3-4 times. Make sure you wear gloves, as the oil can splatter and get messy, After this, fully submerged the turkey, cooking for 3 ½ minutes per pound of turkey. Cook until the internal temperature is around 180-190 degrees Fahrenheit.

When the turkey is fully cooked, grab the hook on the lifter and slowly remove the bird, letting the excess oil drip. After removal, let the turkey sit for 10-20 minutes to slightly cool. Make sure to let the oil completely cool for 3-4 hours before disposing of it, and do not let anyone near it, as it will be hot for a while. After the turkey cools down, begin to slice it up, and prepare for the bombardment of raving compliments on your delicious fried-turkey!

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