Family-Owned Restaurant Spotlight: Pegah’s

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Pegah’sNowadays, it is rare to find a place to grab a bite to eat that isn’t franchised or corporately owned. Those quaint, family-owned places are always the kind of restaurants that will leave a lasting impact on you no matter how small. They are the kind of places that treat their customers life family, and greet them by name. These restaurants often serve as some of the key foundations in a community, and bring people together all under a common theme. A restaurant that exemplifies this is Pegah’s, a phenomenal restaurant serving home style breakfast and lunch to those looking for a quality meal.

Pegah’s was established in 1987 at first in Escondido. They have since opened a second location in San Marcos, and have been steadily putting smiles on the faces of each and every customer. I have personally been to Pegah’s multiple times, and each time is a resoundingly pleasant experience.

The real highlight of Pegah’s is that they know how to do breakfast right. After being seated, expect to have a fresh pot of coffee offered to you as soon as possible, which can be a godsend for those early morning breakfasts with the family. You’ll find that the servers here are all extremely personable, and will strike up a conversation with you while taking your order. The menu comprises of your typical hearty breakfast fare, with several standouts. Their country fried steak is to die for, with it being smothered in homemade country gravy with sausage. A generous helping of breakfast potatoes will accompany it, along with eggs cooked however you prefer. Another standout breakfast option is their omelettes, which can be ordered with a variety of different ingredients. I personally prefer the Country Omelette, which comes stuffed with bacon, sausage, and onions. It’s then covered with thick country gravy and melted cheese. At $10.99, which includes a choice of hash browns or home style potatoes, it’s not a bad deal at all.

Pegah’s lunch menu isn’t lacking by any means either, with several exceptions options to make that home style lunch you’ve been craving hit the spot. The Super Bird sandwich is a great option, which offers a heaping portion of turkey breast topped with crispy bacon, tomatoes, cheddar, and monterey jack cheese. It’s then served on fresh grilled sourdough bread. I recommend getting a side of fries with this one, and you’ll be set. If you’re craving a burger, their Blue Cheese Burger is another amazing choice. Topped with a small mound of blue cheese crumbles and dressed up with all the standard burger fixings, you’ll leave your lunch date satisfied.

Pegah’s is a place I always highly recommend to my friends and family who either live in the area or are just visiting. Whenever I go, it reminds me of being at home, with their signature home style cooking and welcoming attitude to all. You’ll never leave Pegah’s without feeling loved and appreciated by the staff there and the owners. If you want to experience Pegah’s for yourself, check out their website for directions and a peek at their delectable menu.

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