How To: Get Free Stuff at Starbucks

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That’s right. Starbucks is giving its devotees more bang for their buck.  Now at Starbucks, you are able to register your Starbucks card online to get star points that work toward all different kinds of freebies!

Once your card is registered on their website, Starbucks keeps track of your transactions, giving you a star point for every time you use your card.  After the first five uses, they bump you up from Welcome level to Green level.  There you get free refills on coffee or tea, free beverage customization (like adding syrups, soy milk, etc.), a free tall beverage with a whole bean purchase and a free drink on your birthday!  And once you reach Gold level with thirty stars, after every fifteen uses you get a free drink!

Has Starbucks gotten more customer-friendly? Their soaring prices over the past couple of years don’t attest to coffee-affordability but by offering free Wi-Fi at every location, free downloads every week, and now free syrup, soy milk and beverages, how can a coffee-lover resist? Not only does their signature Siren logo lure you in at every strip-mall, grocery store, and street corner, their online presence is becoming as addictive as their coffee. They are even offering artsy games that allow you to create your own drink on their website.

While the Starbucks card may not have seemed useful in the past, it is definitely a necessity for every coffee addict.  That means you, college student, office employee, and caffeine junkie.  If you are going to Starbucks everyday anyways, this is a great way to capitalize on those expenditures.  Besides, it’s a quick and easy way to get a free drink once in a while!

There are several Starbucks locations throughout San Diego.  You can learn more about their rewards card freebies at Starbucks.com.

Will these freebies draw you in to sign up for a Starbucks card anytime soon?

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