Cent ‘Anni: Camembert fondue in its wood box: Get this special recipe by executive chef Philippe Beltran of Bleu Bohème in Kensington

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Chef Philippe Beltran and his cheese (Courtesy photo)

Chef Philippe Beltran with his Camembert cheese (Courtesy photo)

I love all things cheese, especially this recipe which takes an imported Normandy Camembert; make sure it comes in a wood box.

Take the wrapper off. Place Camembert back in its box. Poke fairly large holes on top of the Camembert with a fork, and pour one tablespoon full of Calvados apple brandy. Place the cover back on top of the box, closing it. Place in oven at 350 degrees F. for 15 to 20 minutes, depending on the oven. Check from time to time until the Camembert is melted on the inside and very soft to the touch on top. When the Camembert is nice and melted inside, remove it and serve it at once with baguette croutons and slices of apple.

Camembert (from Normandy) marries really well with the Calvados (also from Normandy), and apples (which Calvados is made of).

Make sure to serve at once when ready. This is perfect for a group appetizer or a party!

Bleu Bohème is located at 4090 Adams Avenue in Kensington. For more information call (619) 255-4167 or visit www.bleuboheme.com.


Recipe by executive chef Philippe Beltran of Bleu Bohème in Kensington, CA.

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