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This winter has been more rainy than most in recent years. When the weather prevents outside activities, we head indoors to spend time with people and engage with the local community. With so many playhouses throughout San Diego County, why not dive into the world of the arts? We’ve gathered together a list of some of the top shows being performed in San Diego this February and March, pick your favorite and head out for a night to remember.

La Jolla Playhouse

Freaky Friday

Head to the La Jolla Playhouse to see this month’s performance of Freaky Friday. From February 18th to March 19th, this musical rendition of Mary Rodgers novel will be bringing laughter to the stage. If you’ve seen the 2003 Lindsay Lohan Disney version, then you know how hilarious the story is between a daughter and a mother switching bodies and learning what it’s like to literally walk in each other’s shoes.


This social media-focused performance is part of the 2017 “POP Tour”- a traveling tour that goes throughout the county using performances to teach students about the main message being portrayed. This performance will be offered to the public 4 times at the playhouse on March 25th and 26th. This play is geared toward students in third to sixth grade and focuses on the message that being “super shiny” online isn’t all that it’s cracked up to be.

La Jolla Playhouse offers an incredible deal for young adults under age 30. As part of their 30 and Under program, participants are able to buy select seats within the theater for only $20! Don’t think you have to hit it rich before you can join the cultured experience of watching plays. See what seats are still available! 

San Diego Civic Center

Falstaff by Giuseppe Verdi

Spend a night at the opera! An Italian opera with English subtitles projected will be available for Civic Center audiences on February 18th, 21st, 24th, and 26th. This comedy performance is based on a character from Shakespeare’s The Merry Wives of Windsor, and portrays acts of manipulation and trickery.

Peter Pan 

Photo Credit: Rodrigo Denubila, Flickr-Creative Commons

The California Ballet Company is in town, bringing a performance of Peter Pan on March 4th and 5th. The classic tale, choreographed by Septime Weber, will include all of your favorite pieces of childhood, adventure, and dear Wendy, with a ballet twist. Join the team an hour before each performance for a time of face painting, Pixie-themed drinks, and a costume contest!

Kinky Boots

Broadway is coming to San Diego! This 6-time Tony Award winner is a musical performance of two stories colliding and the dreams that have been made possible because of it. Based on a true story, this play is noted for having “adult themes” and not recommended for children under 8. The performance is only in town from March 9th-12th, so buy your tickets before they sell out!

OB Playhouse


Yep you read that title right, this play is a satirical look at a town whose water supply was down to nothing, so the government banned the use of toilets. Filled with heroes, laughter, capitalism, and so much more, this play will get your wheels turning while making you laugh out loud. The winner of 3 Tony Awards, this play can now be watched in OB from February 2nd until March 12th. $1 of all proceeds will be given to #NoDAPL to support the stopping of the Dakota Pipeline.


9 to 5

This musical, set on the stage of a 1970’s office environment, is based on 20th Century Fox movie featuring Dolly Parton, Jane Fonda, and Lily Tomlin. The hit title song, 9 to 5, was written by Dolly Parton and won her several Oscar and Grammy nominees. The premise of the play is centered around three office women who are sick of getting behind and treated poorly, and so are joining forces to do something about it. Grab your lady friends and make it a night you won’t forget!

Diversionary Theater 

Photo Credit: Joe Wolf, Flickr-Creative Commons

Check out two plays this February and March at the Diversionary Theater, whose focus is to provide quality performances to the LGBTQ community. These performances will be showed on alternative dates from February 9th-March 19th and it is encouraged you go to both. Use the coupon code “2Shows” to get a discount when seeing both performances.

2.5 Minute Ride

Travel through the life of the playwright on their journey with their Holocaust-surviving father. Watch different scenes of her life as she compares her life’s experiences and reflects on the honorable story of her dad.


Flipping from dad to mom, this performance focuses on the illness of a mother and the surprisingly healing impacts the journey has on a community. This story focuses on healing, pain, humor, and opinions. Both plays are written by Lisa Kron.


While this isn’t an all-inclusive list, we hope that it helps point you in the right direction to find a play that fits your personality this winter.

Katrina is an OBcean that spends her time drinking quality coffee and engaging in the community that she lives in.

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