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Photo courtesy of Jennifer at 'It Girl Public Relations'

DJ’s do more than party and play music! DJ Loczi, who was voted by Sophie 103.7 as “The Best Club DJ in San Diego,” was on his way to a one-year-old’s birthday party when I spoke with him. And no, he wasn’t going to spin at that party. I also learned that he likes to hit up San Diego beaches and that–although he mainly spins electro, mash ups and house music–he listens to an eclectic array of music, from Sublime to Wu-Tang Clan to 80s rock–but his favorite will always be Radiohead.

Loczi also shared some deejaying advice and how to he likes to prepare to spin at some of the hottest clubs in the country.


Kicking off his career

Like the start of most careers, Loczi first gathered valuable work experience while in college. But for Loczi’s career, he wasn’t in a cubicle making copies—he was spinning mashups at Orange County’s hottest venues. While attending UC Irvine, Loczi used his ‘college kid’ sensibility to link with those organizing benefit concerts and club events. He knew what new college students were looking for—college parties.

While working with promoters, he helped transfer eager students from house parties to nice venues. The campus’s proximity to both Orange County and Los Angeles clubs gave him direct access to several deejaying opportunities. And keep in mind that not all DJs party 24/7—Loczi assures us that he did well in his classes, even as he began deejaying more regularly.

“The next major city with proper clubs”

Loczi’s love for San Diego developed from deejaying in Orange County. He deejayed for major college trips—spring break events, snow trips, etc., and most of the colleges in San Diego would attend, such as SDSU, USD, and even junior colleges. At these events, supporters and promoters saw that Loczi could bring something fresh to the table. So when Hardrock in downtown San Diego opened, he became a main resident DJ and helped to develop the famous Sunday “Intervention” pool parties. And as San Diego support grew, Loczi began spinning at San Diego’s hottest clubs, including Ivy, The FleetWood, On Broadway, 4th and B, Fluxx, and Sidebar.

DJ Loczi also spins in Las Vegas, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Orange County, and all over the country. He travels internationally but still comes back to San Diego a few times a month.

“I love the people, the promoters, the club owners, the city is gorgeous, and there’s always tremendous support. I always make a point to come back to San Diego,” Loczi says.

If you’re looking for Loczi outside of a venue, you’ll probably find him at the beach. His favorite? Swamis in Encinitas. And for dinner, his favorite spot is The FleetWood. He adds, “The food and staff are incredible and the owner is a dear friend. The service is great; you feel like you’re at someone’s house.”

But as far as San Diego venues go…he can’t really make up his mind.

Loczi explains, “I love them all for different reasons. FleetWood for their street festivals, Andaz for their rooftop, Sidebar and Fluxx for their ambiance, and Hardrock for Sunday Intervention.”

How he gets ready

Photo courtesy of Jennifer at 'It Girl Public Relations'

Loczi admits that he still gets nervous before an event.

“My nerves are when I’m traveling to the event. Usually on the flight or in the car getting to the venue. But once I’m on deck—I feel the most calm. I feel passionate and connected.”

He doesn’t prepare a set list; he expressed that deejaying is about ‘the relationship between the individual playing the music and the people hearing the music.’ Loczi feels he’s successful because he really lives in the moment, allowing him to connect with his audience. He explains that the more in tune the DJ is with the people in front of him, the better the music will be.

“I have an understanding of music in different genres based on the people in front of me. It comes to me in the moment. If I feel like playing Jay-Z, I play Jay-Z. If I feel like I need to play Stevie Wonder, I play Stevie Wonder. If I was trying to build the set before going to the club, it’d be a disturbance to the people,” he explains. He laughed and added, “ I also do lots of pushups.”

Advice for future DJs

Loczi wants upcoming DJs to have the same amazing experience that he’s had. He has two mantras for newcomers and potential DJs to keep in mind, so listen up!

1) Remain focused on what really matters. “The only thing that really, really matters if you’re a DJ is the music. The more focused you are on the music, the more everything else will naturally fall into place. When I see a DJ chase another priority—to be famous, drugs, to party—those are usually the people that aren’t successful,” Loczi says.

2) “Out of respect for the people that created the crap, you should learn technically how to be really good at what you do. Give it the attention it deserves to technically be as good as you can be.” He emphasizes the importance of playing it cleanly and really well, because it reflects positively on everyone in the DJ community.

Look out for Loczi

DJ Loczi, San Diego’s Best Club DJ, is coming to town very soon. So if you’re looking to dance, party, listen to good music, or simply see a DJ that’s truly passionate about what he does, then come see DJ Loczi this summer!

Loczi spins at San Diego’s hottest spots:

  • Wave House on June 20th
  • Andaz Hotel on June 26
  • Intervention at Hardrock on July 11
  • SunDaze at the Wavehouse on June 20
  • Fluxx on August 7th

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