Gallery Openings Around San Diego

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San Diego’s art scene has recently experienced some setbacks. The city has been cracking down on popular event and studio spaces due to fire code restrictions and artists are being pushed out of neighborhoods like Barrio Logan and East Village.

But despite gentrification and stifling regulations, artists around San Diego are standing up to the challenges and creating amazing artwork. From Carlsbad and Escondido, to La Jolla and Liberty Station, there are new exhibitions popping up everywhere that you can enjoy.

Here are just a few coming up in the next couple of months.

October 18th: Art That Flows at Hera Hub Carlsbad

Art that Flows is a joint exhibition by Holly Tremblay and Krystal Dyer. Holly Tremblay is a North County based photographer that will be showing off some of her vibrant images of the Southern California coastline. What sets her apart is the medium on which she prints her imagesaluminum. Printing images on aluminum reflects light beautifully and makes smooth textures and water look magical.

Krystal Dyer is a multi-talented artist. She produces everything from character design to photography to animation. On the 18th, she will be exhibiting some of her diverse work, including intricate sea glass sculptures and stark canvas illustrations

October 21st: Oh the Humanity at  A Ship in the Woods

Oh the Humanity is a group video exhibition at A Ship in the Woods. A Ship in the Woods is a tucked away artist space in Escondido. On October 21, a heterogeneous group of artists from all around the world are uniting to bring beautiful videos and animations to San Diego. Puppies Puppies, Lu Yang, Pipilotti Rist, and Tony Oursler will be featured at Oh the Humanity–but that’s only scratching the surface when it comes to the talent that will be showcased.

November 3rd: Spirit of the Wave by Dave Ness at MK Envisions Gallery

Dave Ness is a local San Diego fine art photographer that will be showcasing a study on water movements. His study harnesses impressionistic camera techniques to capture the rhythm and power of the ocean.Dave’s series of photos are a visual dance that takes you on a journey with the ocean, and exudes a tranquility and peace that you only find at the beach.

November 4th: Wanderlust, a Group Show at Sparks Gallery

Wanderlust is a group show that brings together thirteen Southern California native artists that have traveled the world. Each artist will be showcasing pieces that are reflections of the places they’ve traveled to. Some of the artists that will sharing their works are Joe A. Oakes, Eric Blau, and Sparks Alum, Li Huai.

November 11: Alchemy: Handcrafted Illustrations at Thumbprint Gallery

Thumbprint Gallery (voted the 2nd best art gallery in La Jolla) will be hosting a group exhibition that showcases artwork and illustrations that deviate from the conventional limits of 2D art. Artworks that utilize wire, wood, string, and other mediums will be displayed. Some of the artists that will be participating in this group exhibition include Keemoworks, Jason Hite, Spenser Little, and Paul Drohan.

Jack Lungu is an ever evolving artist with talents ranging from fashion photography, cinematography, and graphic design. Shooting for over half a decade, he prefers to let his work do the talking for him. Not only has he worked with online publications such as Runwayz Magazine and Fine Magazine, but has been featured in print publications such as Locale Magazine and Coast Magazine. Additionally, Jack was the Director of Photography at Orange County Fashion Week, reviving the television series "Fashionista Now Boarding". He is based in south Orange County and San Diego, often traveling to new and exciting locations for location shoots, as well as indoor studio projects. He is able to bend light to his will, giving his work a crisp, punch-you-in-the-face aesthetic. He also writes poetry and goes to open mic nights on the regular.

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