Movie Review: The Maze Runner


As a sci-fi fan, I wasn’t running to the theater to see “The Maze Runner.”

The trailer first seen at WonderCon and the 20th Century Fox press conference I attended at Comic-Con earlier this year didn’t generate nearly as much anticipation as “The Hunger Games” or “Divergent.” And the story didn’t come across as thought-provoking as “The Giver.”

Movie Releases


September is halfway over everyone and Fall will officially arrive this weekend. Not that anyone can tell with the recent heat wave and that crazy thunderstorm that blew in last Tuesday. Thankfully the weather seems to have cooled down a smidge. To help handle the heat, I encourage everyone to go to the movies. Nice cool and air conditioned with a good flick and good group of people. What a better way to spend your time? To help you decide what movie to go see we have provided a list of recent movie releases.

Fall TV 2014 Previews


At Comic-Con I attended an unprecedented night of entertainment attended by 33 panelists from shows “Arrow,” “The Flash,” “Gotham” and “Constantine” brought by DC Entertainment.

Joan Rivers leaves us at 81


Sadly, “Can we talk?” must now be answered with: “No.” Joan Rivers, both beloved and disdained in her long, wonderful career in show business, is dead at 81. Rivers, born Joan Alexandra Molinsky on June 8, 1933 in New York, passed away at that city’s Mount Sinai Hospital.

Genomes, brews, magic and more at the Fleet in September


Summer’s almost gone, school has begun, and the Fleet carries on. Here’s a preview of the action at RHF for September, including: Genome: Unlocking Life’s Code, Perception: See Beyond the Illusion, Two Scientists Walk Into a Bar, Suds & Science, Explor-o-Rama, Tinkerers’ Club and Young Scientists: Little Wizards.

Labor Day’s U.S. Sand Sculpting Challenge & 3D Art Expo


Looking for a little outdoor fun this coming Labor Day weekend? What could be more interesting than strolling outside along the B Street Pier while peering at the wonderful sand sculptures and sculptors engaging in the U.S. Sand Sculpting Challenge & 3D Art Expo?

Movie Review: The Giver


I was never exposed to the controversial novel of Lois Lowry and I learned about the movie, “The Giver,” at the 20th Century Fox press conference at Comic-Con this year.

Weekly Movie Update


Hey everyone. It’s time for our movie line up for this weekend. School will be starting soon, and summer is near its end. A perfect way to end the season are to watch awesome movies with your friends or even by yourself. Here is a list we compiled for you to choose from.

Robin Williams lowers the curtain on iconic life


So now Robin Williams, long an iconic figure in pop culture, television, movies, and of course, stand-up comedy has joined a different group of iconic personages: those who died too soon, and at their own hand.

Comic-Con 2014: Feature Film Highlights


The best party of the year arrived and it was one that fans wish would last just a little longer. After so many years of Hall H (which now arguably stands more for ‘hassles’), where major films are featured, I chose a different route last year, alternating between the hall’s mass-hysteria with subdued press conferences (Marvel’s […]

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