This is Us Season 2 Trailer Released: Grab Your Kleenex

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Not surprisingly, the ‘This is Us’ Season 2 trailer was a roller coaster of emotions. NBC just released a promotional video for the new season, which starred Mandy Moore, Milo Ventimiglia, Sterling K. Brown, and Chrissy Metz, and real-life fans of the show.

The video featured various fans talking about their emotional connections to the character’s stories on ‘This is Us.’ Several of the fans related to Met’z insecurities, Brown’s relationship with his father, Moore’s identity crisis, and Ventimiglia’s heartfelt relationship with his diverse children. As the fans expressed their inspiring confessions, the stars were listening in backstage.

Inevitably, a sob fest ensued, which is obviously similar to what happens during the show each week. The stars back stage and the fans alike cried tears of joy, sorrow, and heartfelt empathy. At the end of the trailer, the stars surprised the fans and instantly embraced one another as if they knew each other their whole lives.

In fact, one of the fans even admitted that she named her baby after Chrissy Met’s character, Kate. The trailer even included a photo of the fan’s new born. Needless to say, when Kate surprised her, the fan’s reaction was priceless.

These fans are obviously excited for what’s to come for the new season, and so are we over here at SD Entertainer. Unfortunately, we’re going to have to wait until September 2017, on the other hand. But, the long wait will definitely be worth it with a cast and story as special as this one.

If you haven’t watched ‘This is Us‘ yet, make sure to watch full episodes on NBC before the new season comes out. Once you’re done catching up, read our recap of the This is Us season finale if you haven’t yet. If you are a die hard fan and haven’t watched the trailer yet, make sure to watch it to get excited for this fall. Before watching, make sure to grab a kleenex or two.



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