The Best TED Talks You Don’t Want to Miss

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TED talks are known for providing viewers with “ideas worth spreading” and that couldn’t be more true. Check out these incredible TED Talks that will force you to think differently and understand the world in ways you’ve never done so before.

How Great Leaders Inspire Action – Simon Sinek

Best-selling author Simon Sinek breaks down the nuances of decisions in this eye-opening talk. Decisions are one of the key characteristics of leadership, and according to Sinek, his simple model inspires leaders to think deeply about the purpose of such decisions. After watching this, you’ll never think about leadership the same way again. share

The Brain-Changing Benefits of Exercise  – Wendy Suzuki

Thinking about starting on a journey to achieve a greater level of fitness? Great idea! Wendy Suzuki backs up exercise as one of the most transformative things you can do for your brain. As a trained neuroscientist, Suzuki discusses the many fascinating links between exercise and brain performance, and how it can protect yourself from neurodegenerative diseases like Alzheimer’s.

What Smart Devices Know (And Share) About You – Kashmir Hill & Surya Mattu

Smart devices have quickly become commonplace technology in the modern day home, but how much are we letting them get to know us? This TED Talk explores how much personal  information smart devices are sharing with companies, and the answers might surprise you. Be ready to be a tad bit creeped out, as smart devices are tracking quite a bit of data from your everyday actions.

Where Are All Aliens? – Stephen Webb

The Universe is an incredibly vast area with trillions upon trillions of planets, so it begs the question of where are all the aliens? Astronomer Stephen Webb explains the true reason why we are still alone in this universe, and offers some fascinating insight into the remarkable barriers required to harbor intelligent life likes ours in the universe.

Is The World Getting Better or Worse? A Look At The Numbers – Stephen Pinker

Psychologist Steven Pinker takes us on an informative ride into extrapolating whether the world is truly getting better or worse. Taking a deep dive into the past and raw data that we have gathered over the years, Pinker provides a hopeful understanding of the world as we currently are, and gives a glimpse into the world we may become.

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