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Photo from Philip Nelson via Flickr

Photo from Philip Nelson via Flickr

“Kanye West just called—he thinks Beyonce should host instead,” says Bill Hader to Taylor Swift in the “Saturday Night Live” promo for last Saturday’s show.

Winning “Best Female Video of the Year” at only 19 and being the first country artist to ever win a Video Music Award, September 13, 2009 should have been a memorable night of honor and happiness for Taylor Swift.

Oh, it was memorable alright, but unfortunately not in the way that Taylor Swift had expected. Her VMA acceptance was quickly transformed into a notoriously shocking and awkward moment, one that will surely go deep down in history for national television and popular culture.

Taylor Swift, who admitted to be rattled by the event a few days later on “The View” was thankful for all her fans and the other artists who kept her spirits up following the rude interruption by Kanye West.

Now, two months later, Taylor Swift historically was both the host musical guest on SNL. After the stinging controversy that took place on the VMAS, people had been wondering…would she really going to go there?

And the answer is yes, America.

According to an interview with MTV News, Swift told the writers that “nothing was off limits.” That’s the beautiful thing about freedom of speech and expression—SNL can take any subject, no matter how targeting, touchy and contentious it is, and portray it in a hilariously entertaining skit. If there’s one thing to appreciate about SNL, it’s that it can “milk a joke well past its drying point.” And the awesome part about Swift is that she doesn’t mind reliving the embarrassing moment all over again, for everyone to see and laugh at. The girl’s got gumption—and a sense of humor.

See for yourself, watch the full episode of SNL with Taylor Swift here:

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