What We Know About Kanye West’s Latest Album

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If you have been anywhere near Twitter these past few weeks, you’ve surely noticed that Kanye West is once again dominating the headlines for a variety of different reasons. Politics and controversy aside, fans are in store for some new tunes from the eccentric hip-hop mogul. He has kept a low profile for the past couple years since his previous album, ‘The Life of Pablo,’ was released in February 2016. Let’s check out what we know about his latest highly anticipated album. 

Rumors have been circulating about Kanye’s aka Ye’s new album, and in April, he took to Twitter to confirm its June 1, 2018 release date. He also tweeted that the album will have a mere 7 songs, which fans are in agreement is a disappointment after a 2 year hiatus. Luckily, Kanye is also dropping a collaborative album with Kid Cudi on June 8, titled Kids See Ghosts.

So what is the highly anticipated album called? Well, we don’t have a definitive answer to that. In late April, Kanye tweeted a screenshot of an iMessage conversation with someone named Wes. He asks Wes for title ideas and he suggests “LOVE EVERYONE”, to which Kanye responds “I love that.” In addition to the title, Kanye sent Wes the artwork for the album, the mugshot of Jay Adams, the plastic surgeon who performed the fatal surgery on Kanye’s mother. The rapper’s mother passed away in 2007 due to complications stemming from the operation after Adams performed liposuction and breast reduction surgery. While Kanye expresses closure desire for healing, Adams has since sent Kanye a cease and desist letter requesting that he does not use his photo for his album cover.

As of now, there are rumors of A$AP Rocky, Migos, and Young Thug appearing on the album, after tracks ‘Euro (Switch Hands)’ and ‘Hold Tight’ leaked last summer. Rappers Travis Scott and King Louie, along with singer-songwriter The Dream, were all spotted going to Kanye’s recording studio in the mountains of Wyoming. Other rumored guests include hip hop legend Mos Def after an Instagram post showing him, Kanye, and Dave Chapelle.

2018 is looking good…

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In an interview with Ebro and Crew on Hot ‘97 radio, model and G.O.O.D music signee Teyanna Taylor revealed her and ‘Ye were working on some new material. When pressed to give more details, she replied by saying that his new material will sound much more like his music during the “Polo ‘Ye” era, around when College Dropout and Graduation were released.

In addition to the album, there is also a good chance that Kanye is preparing to launch a new tour. His last tour, ‘Saint Pablo’ ended prematurely after he was hospitalized for exhaustion. In June 2017, Live Nation insiders revealed that Kanye is ready to start drafting up plans for a new tour.

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