The Hills: an aftermath update – week 5

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Three strikes and he's out (Photo by Oreos via Wikimedia).

Three strikes and he's out (Photo by Oreos via Wikimedia).

Last week was a world wind of alcohol addiction, break-ups, cat fights and baby dreams took place, Kristen was still holding on to the hope that Justin was a changed man (while eyeing Brody from across the room). Heidi had dreams of baby cribs in her head and Holly was confronted about her alcohol addiction.

This week starts off with a romantic walk on the beach. It’s not with Brody and Jade or Spencer and Heidi, but Brody and Kristen. My thought is that Kristen is keeping Justin on the sidelines while she waits for an opening with Brody.

After learning about the break between Brody and Jade, Kristen begins to reminisce about the good times with Brody when they were a couple.  It’s going to happen and we know it. A Brody-Kristen hook up is in the near future.

At the humble abode of Speidi, Heidi mentions her birthday to Spencer and demands a big party.  Even though she doesn’t have the house with the red door and the white picket fence, it doesn’t mean she can’t take advantage of the pimp pad Spencer picked out.  It’s her party and she can have it the way she wants.

The buzz about Heidi’s birthday reaches Audrina and Kristen.  Audrina discusses it with Lo and decides she wants to go, given the fact that she hasn’t partied with everyone for some time and it’s also Heidi’s birthday.  She is well aware of the fact that Kristen will probably be there, but she doesn’t plan on having any confrontation with her.  How could you not?  She knows they team up as well as Kanye West and Taylor Swift, but doesn’t expect problems? She is a delusional girl in a delusional world.

Kristen discusses Heidi’s birthday with Justin over dinner.  Justin has no plans on going because he knows Audrina will be there and doesn’t want to have any quarrel with her. Or could it be the fact that he doesn’t want to be caught in the same room with Kristen and Audrina?  His nervous attitude makes Kristen think he’s hiding something; like maybe a late night rendezvous with Audrina a few days prior? Kristen wants to go anyways despite Justin qualms and Audrina’s presence.

Heidi’s party begins like any other normal party in Hollywood: presents, air-kisses, champagne, and other things of the sort.  Kristen makes her way through the door with her date; not Justin but Brody (surprised?).

Audrina shows up a short time later with Stephanie and the awkwardness officially sets in. After seeing Audrina talk to Brody and basically stalking her like a cheetah, Kristen decides to talk with Audrina and put all of their unnecessary hatred for each other aside.

The conversation basically goes like this: I’m sorry. I’m sorry too. Bitch. Bitch. It’s on!

Needless to say Audrina and Kristen basically broke the needle to mending any friendship they would ever possibly have and Audrina excuses herself from the party.

The episode ends with Kristen meeting up with Justin to end whatever they had together.  Justin sits there shocked and dumbfounded as Kristen walks out explaining she’s done. He knows exactly what he did to piss Kristen off, but still plays the innocent clueless pretty boy act until the end. It doesn’t really matter anyway since Kristen is in full gear to play nice with Brody.

Check in next week for another aftermath update of The Hills.

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