The Latest From Taylor Swift, “Ready For it”

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Since the new ABC fall season is upon us, it seems about right that Swift dropped another song titled, “Ready For it?” as a way of introducing it. “Ready For It?” is the second song Swift has released from her upcoming album called, “Reputation” and is the perfect song to launch more sappy yet addicting television. That being said, “Ready For It” might be better than the last single she released, “Look What You Made Me Do,” but certainly shouldn’t be considered as a smash.

Following the accusatory song “Look What You Made Me Do,” she released last week, this new song “Ready for it?” is definitely a step up. Even though this single is still not one of her best and reinstates that the old Taylor is no more, she does demonstrate the current trends in music that may appeal to fans more than the first song released.

Listen to Swift’s second song from “Reputation” below and see what you think:

It’s clear that Swift is taking a darker route than her previous albums, and it even sounds as if she is trying to mimmic Rihanna with the rapping. Even though this song might be better than the first song she released, it still comes off as petty and inauthentic. When Swift sings the lyrics, “Let the games begin” and “No one has to know,” transforms into someone she’s simply not and abandons the old Taylor loyal fans grew to love. In fact, she sounded more mature when she was 20-years-old talking about an abundance of heartbreaks. Continuing to passive aggressively reference her controversy with other celebrities isn’t helping her either.

“Reputation” comes out on Nov. 10, 2017.

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