Summer TV Show Lineup

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Image by dkearns72 via FlickrWhether your summer plans include hanging out at the beach or hiding from the sun, some of our favorite summer shows are back for the season.

If you have a spare moment to pick up the remote, you will for sure find the show that is just right for you. This summer’s TV highlights include a crazy mix of mall cops, vampires, child beauty pageants, expert chefs, and more. Here’s an intro to some of the new appearances this season as well as our favorites.


The Bachelorette– Yes, its back! ABC has just launched its newest season, and Ali Fedotowsky is currently in the process of searching for her soul mate. Mondays at 9pm.

True Beauty– Remember Beauty and the Geek that aired a few years back? True Beauty has a similar spin, except now you can watch a group of attractive men and women win $100,000 by proving they have beauty both inside and out. Mondays at 10pm.

The Gates– Whats so special about a gated mountain community? Not all is well in suburbia- monsters seem to be lurking in paradise in this new drama. Premieres June 20 at 9pm.


So You Think You Can Dance– The new season is back, and if you tune in you can still catch the first few rounds of tryouts and predict this season’s winner. Thursdays at 8pm.

Master Chef– Watch self-made gourmets (or home cooking hobbyists)  make their way to the top and become the real thing with the help of Gordon Ramsay. Starts July 27 at 9pm.

Hell’s Kitchen– If one dose of Ramsay isn’t enough, tune into another season of this intense kitchen, plus 16 new chefs. Tuesdays at 8pm.


100 Questions– Have you tried online dating yet? Well here’s a comedic spin on it in NBC’s newest comedy, where Charlotte Payne looks for love via internet dating. Thursdays at 8:30pm.

America’s Got Talent– Sharon Osbourne and Piers Morgan are back as judges in the 5th season of this talent search. Tuesdays at 8pm.

Losing it with Jillian– A spin off The Biggest Loser, winner Jillian Michaels moves in with a family and documents the trials and tribulations of getting a start living healthier. Tuesdays at 10pm.

Cable Channels

MTV: Jersey Shore– Your favorite characters return, except this time they’re a long way from Seaside Heights. Try South Beach. July 29 at 10pm.

TLC: Mall Cops– Mall of America- Inspired by the movie Paul Blart: Mall Cop, check out this new series Thursdays at 10pm.

HBO: True Blood and Entourage are returning, June 13 at 9pm and June 27 at 9pm, respectively.

AMC: Mad Men– The Emmy-Award winning show is back, July 25 at 9pm.

The Food Network is conforming to trends this summer in their new shows Cupcake Wars (June 18 at 10pm) and Food Trucks,  starting August 15 at 10pm.

Don’t see your favorite show? Visit the E! website to see when and what time your show will be airing.

Image by dkearns72 via Flickr

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