Tonight’s episode of Man v. Food to feature San Diego

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Several San Diego eateries will be featured on the Travel Channel’s hit show, Man v. Food. The season premier show airs tonight at 9pm, so tune in if you’re interested in learning more about some of the city’s best restaurants and one of the toughest eating challenges around: the Iron Man Challenge at the Broken Yolk Cafe.

If you’re unfamiliar with the show, Adam Richman, a food fanatic who has held many restaurant jobs, travels the country looking for amazing food. In the process he explores regional restaurants, sampling what they’re best known for. Each episode also features Adam taking on a colossal eating challenge. Whether it’s a fourteen pound mountain pie, or an eight-patty burger, Adam is ready for the challenge. Typically challenges dealing with spicy foods are no match for him; challenges that deal with eating high volumes of food usually pose a larger threat.

Tonight’s episode on San Diego will feature segments on “the best taco in San Diego” at Licha Libre and mouth watering tri-tip at Phil’s BBQ. The eating challenge of the week brings Adam to the infamous Broken Yolk where he will attempt to take on the 12 egg omelette challenge.

The Broken Yolk Cafe’s Iron Man Challenge consists of eating a twelve egg omelette that is smothered in chili and a pound of melted cheese. This omelette is served with a side of two biscuits and nearly two pounds of hash browns. All the food has to be eaten in one hour.

Typically this omelette is split between a hungry family of 4-6 people. Out of the brave souls who have attempted the feat, 96% have failed. The question is, will Adam finish it?

Be sure to watch the season premiere episode (followed by another all-new episode in Boulder) tonight, June 16, at 9:00.

Photo from Kinsee M and Kev H via Yelp

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