Rachel Lindsay is The Next Bachelorette

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The 13th season of the Bachelorette will star Rachel Linsday, a lawyer from Texas, on her journey to find love. She’s 31, one of the more level-headed women on this season of The Bachelor, and couldn’t be more excited about the opportunity.

Jimmy Kimmel announced the news last night along with a spoofed rose ceremony from Chris Harrison, the famed Bachelor and Bachelorette host. Lindsay walked out in a beautiful black dress, smiling wide. She said she’s looking for someone ready to get married and start a family, as well as someone who can make her laugh and has a great smile.

Kimmel also gave her a key ring that holds the keys to the Bachelor mansion, along with keys to the fantasy suite, the hot tub, and even Harrison’s house (which we can presume isn’t true, but who knows with The Bachelor and all its antics).

Lindsay posted on Instagram after appearing on the show:

“So happy for this moment!!! Thank you so much for the love and support!!!! Can’t believe I am the new bachelorette…still feel like I’m dreaming #bachelornation #bachelorette #thankful #blackhistorymonth #historicmoment”

Linsday is the first ever black bachelorette, making history, and follows the most diverse group of women chosen for the Bachelor.

Though the news broke before the current season of the Bachelor ended, (which Rachel is still a contestant on), fans are just as excited as the Bachelorette to be. Her mentions on Twitter and comments on Instagram are filled with love and support.

The Bachelorette begins filming in a few weeks and will air Mondays on ABC during the summer.


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