Oprah spin-off “The Dr. Oz Show” premiers Monday

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The much loved Dr. Oz will be leaving his post as health advocate on the Oprah show.

Photo from J. Nguyen via Wikimedia

Photo from J. Nguyen via Wikimedia

Following in the shoes of Dr. Phil, Oprah’s first go-to doctor, Dr. Mehmet Oz will be leaving Oprah to film his own nationally syndicated show. Well, he’s not really leaving Oprah; Harpo Productions, Oprah’s production company, is co-producing the new show with Sony.

Dr. Oz’s new endeavor is highly anticipated by many Oprah viewers and his fans. The spin off is bound to be successful because of the strong following Dr. Oz already has from his many television appearances.

Dr. Oz has co-authored five New York Times Best Sellers including the “YOU” book series and is a regular columnist for Esquire magazine.  He is the host of a daily talk show on Sirius XM Radio “Oprah Radio”, and he also currently serves as Vice-Chair of the Department of Surgery and Professor of Surgery at Columbia University.  He directs the Cardiovascular Institute and Complementary Medicine Program at New York Presbyterian Hospital where he performs 250 heart operations annually. Most famously, Dr. Oz served as the health expert on Oprah for over five seasons, spanning a total of 55 episodes.

There’s no doubt that Dr. Mehmet Oz has made a large impact on Oprah viewers, patients, and fans. He is now set with a platform that allows him to do much more than ever before. If the success of Dr. Phil’s spin-off show, and more recently the Rachel Ray show, say anything about the power of an Oprah endorsement, we’re in for another hit. We’ll just have to wait and see. His brand is already strong, and his show is bound to be successful, I know I’ll be tuned in (or at least my DVR will be).

“The Dr. Oz Show” is set to premier on Monday, September 14, and will be a multi-topic, multi-segment health and wellness talk show that offers topical, newsworthy information and inspiring stories. The goal is to keep things upbeat and entertaining, much as his short presentations were on the Oprah show. San Diego viewers can watch the show on Fox at 5pm.

Co-produced by Harpo Productions and Sony Pictures Television, it is reported that the new show has been cleared for national syndication in over 98% of the country. Dr. Oz will be taking over Conan O’Brien’s old studio in New York’s Rockefeller Center. Tickets to the tapings are free. If you visit, you can even petition to be a guest on the show.

But beware, one of the most highly anticipated aspects of the show will no doubt scare the faint-hearted away. They’ve engineered a platform that reveals the body fat, weight, and other vital elements of a guest’s health. They call it the “truth tube.”  Despite its corny name, the “Truth Tube” insights curiosity, intrigue, and wonder in prospective viewers.

Much like watching contestants face the scale on The Biggest Loser (which is premiering Sept. 15, yay!), viewers will be able to watch as guests’ health is measured and analyzed. We’ll be able to watch and learn through their challenges. Afterall, wanting to live a longer, happier, healtheir life is something we all strive for.

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