Grape Seed Extract – Fat Burner and Cancer Fighter

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Among the Fat Burning Tips on Dr. Oz this past Monday, Grape Seed Extract was mentioned.  Only needing 150 mg per day, with a monthly cost of about $25, this seems to be a worthy investment.

Grape Seed Extract is not only a fat burner but also a cancer fighter and immune builder as well.  In an October 2006 study published in the Clinical Cancer Research, researchers found that Grape Seed Extract can attack cancer and the “skin and seeds of grapes are a rich source of proanthocyanidins, a class of antioxidant flavonoids that remove harmful free oxygen radicals from cells,” reported the Biosingularity website.

Reports also suggest the powerful antioxidant can stabilize collagen (keep skin young), aid in antibody response to germs (keep you healthy) and strengthen capillaries (benefit the heart and eyes).

Years back Egyptians and Greek philosophers recognized the healing power of grapes mostly in the form of wine and then the leaves were found to aid inflammation, relieve pain and stop bleeding. Today researchers are finding power in the seeds.

The only caution given was to ask you doctor about appropriate dosage and for pregnant or breastfeeding woman to avoid taking it.

Other fat burning tips mentioned on Monday’s Dr. Oz Show included Apple Pectin, which is said to make the stomach feel full longer (needing only 500 mg, three times per day) and Forskolin (Coleonol), which helps increase lean mass, bone mass and testosterone and mobilizes fat around the cell.

The Zerona Medical Laser was introduced that is said to remove fat by releasing the fat cell contents to be metabolized by the body and Dr. Oz shared Cat Cora’s Flat Belly Salad Recipe that mixes Grapefruit (to decrease appetite), Chili peppers (to burn calories), Pistachios (to block the carbs),  Jicama (to make the diner feel full), Carrots, Cilantro with a homemade Vinaigrette.

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