A JonBenet Ramsey Documentary is Coming to Netflix

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In 1996, a six-year-old beauty pageant queen was brutally murdered in her home in Boulder, Colorado and no amount of evidence has confirmed the murderer of JonBenet. Two decades later, and the investigation remains open.

Netflix has continued unfolding the mystery by raising further awareness of the Ramsey case by the production of the upcoming documentary, ‘Casting JonBenet.’ The documentary premieres this month at the Sundance Music Festival. ‘Casting JonBenet,’ launches to Netflix screens and limited theaters soon in April 2017.

In the span of 15-months, director Kitty Green and her team traveled to Boulder, Colorado to film the documentary. Green spoke with local members of the community and conducted a series of interviews to fully grasp the effects of this tragedy and effectively portray the story in the form of film.

Uniquely, ‘Casting JonBenet’ is a documentary, but blends a fictional form in the shape of a narrative. A fictional twist merged with real-life reflections, insight, and performances of the Colorado community is expected to shed light on one of the most upsetting murder cases in all of history. Additionally, viewers can witness how this crime has shaped the community’s perspectives for generations following the crime.

Both eerie and riveting, the official trailer connotes actors and actresses auditioning for parts of the film. An extremely unusual format, one we’ve never seen before, is expected to reveal information unlike we’ve seen it in in the last two decades. With the amount of publicity and media coverage of this tragic case, we are excited to say the least.

Netflix viewers, hang tight, because the premiere of “Casting JonBenet” is just around the corner.

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