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In Bachelor history, the receiver of the ‘first impression rose’ tends to make it to the final 4, leaving this season no different. In season 21 of the Bachelor, our hearts began to fall in love with the class, confidence, and beauty of contestant Rachel Lindsay. The 31-year-old lawyer from Dallas stole Nick’s heart on the first night, winning herself that first rose, and continued to gain air time as her relationship with Nick continued to bloom. Although the leak of her being the next Bachelorette was let out before her break-up with Nick, it was still heartbreaking to see them say their final goodbyes. We get to celebrate with her now, however, in the beginning of her very own journey toward love.

Here are some facts about Rachel to get you excited about watching her season, which airs on Monday, May 22nd on ABC.


“Kool-aid in a wine glass”




1986 in Dallas, TX

Twitter/Insta Handle:




What she’s looking for:

A man who’s smart, funny, has a decent jump shot, and willing to compete for her attention.

After she was let go:

She cheered on her friend Raven

Sports team:


Social Media history:

“My New Year’s Resolution is to figure out this whole twitter thing… #myfirsttweet”

We saw four of the contestants that will be competing for Rachel’s heart during the first debut of new contestants, on the After the Final Rose conclusion to Season 21. Franchise creator Mike Fleiss let us in on a few sneak peeks from the first days of filming, showing us that this season is bringing in a diverse crowd.

We are excited for what’s ahead and for the changes that are happening in Bachelor Nation with the debut of Bachelorette Rachel. Her class, charm, and kind smile is sure to capture our hearts again this May! Make sure to tune in.

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