Netflix Shows Coming in April

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As always, Netflix has some of the best entertainment options out there, from original series/movies to TV shows and movies that have already aired. The award-winning streaming network has their slate for April lined up, and some pretty exciting choices are on the way.


Louis C.K. Stand-Up Special

The always funny and dry-humored C.K. is set up for another comedy special to air next month. The comedian already had four specials up on Netflix from previous shows of his, as well as his FX comedy show Louie. With perpetual honesty and jokes so funny they draw tears to your eyes, C.K.’s new special is sure to impress.


The Get Down (Season 1: Part 2)

The Get Down is a Netflix original, and one of their most expensive shows to create and produce. Set in the Bronx during the 70s, the show has an amazing soundtrack and a captivating story of the rise of disco and hip-hop music throughout New York City. Episodes feature real footage and newscasts from the 1970s, as well as a breakout cast. Start watching the first part of Season 1 now so you’re caught up when the rest of the season is released.

Win it All

Win it All is an original movie and comedy from the mind of Jake Johnson, most commonly known for his role as Nick Miller on FOX’s New Girl, and director Joe Swanberg. The movie centers around a man who can’t seem to stop gambling, and how it interacts and interferes with his life. Johnson stars in the film, along with Jo Lo Truglio of FOX’s Brooklyn 99 and Keegan-Michael Key, who is known for his past show on Comedy Central Key & Peele. With a cast like this, there’s no doubt Win it All will have you laughing.

APRIL 21st

Girlboss (Season 1)

Charlize Theron of Mad Max and Snow White and the Huntsman and Kay Cannon, showrunner of Pitch Perfect 2, are producing this original Netflix show. The story line is based off a best-selling book written by Sophia Amoruso, who rose to CEO-dom after starting an eBay store selling vintage clothing and other items at the age of 22. While her brand and company, Nasty Gal, has filed for bankruptcy, Girlboss is set to inspire its viewers and girls everywhere to be their own boss and own their life. Britt Robertson (Tomorrowland) is set to start as Amoruso.

Bill Nye Saves the World (Season 1)

America’s favorite science guy is coming to Netflix! Bill Nye the Science Guy, Nye’s original show that many of us saw in our science classrooms back in the day, is on Netflix currently. When the show was put on the streaming site, many people got excited over the idea of a whole new show starring the science guy. Each of the 13 episodes, viewers will be taken into the depths of a different science topic. Nye has been an advocate for climate change during these past few years, so one episode will surely focus on that. But who doesn’t love learning about science with Bill Nye the Science Guy?

APRIL 28th

Casting JonBenet

For those of you who loved Netflix’s Making a Murderer, Casting JonBenet will be right up your alley. This crime documentary will tell the story of the unsolved death of JonBenet Ramsey, a six-year-old girl who participated in beauty pageants. The documentary will mix both real and fiction, showing the team trying to cast JonBenet, as well as accounts from the family of Ramsey. While crime documentaries are always thoroughly intriguing, Casting JonBenet promises to be heart-wrenching, too.


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