James Corden Performs Mary Poppins the Crosswalk Musical

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As you might already know from one of our previous James Corden related articles, Corden is taking The Late Late Show to London this week. Ever since June 6, he transitioned his show across the pond to London, his hometown as a way of support amidst the terrorist attacks. Considering this move was a meaningful one, we expected there to be humor and joy, but had no idea how far Corden would go in order to satisfy his fans from all over the world. For the first of the three episodes, he performed the Crosswalk Musical segment as Mary Poppins, brought out a recognizable actor, and it was a spoon full of hilariousness.

For this particular segment of Crosswalk Musical: Mary Poppins edition, Corden played the part of Mary Poppins, complete with a ruffled dress, umbrella, and blushed cheeks. He also brought out a familiar face to co-star with him and didn’t disappoint. Special Guest, Ben Kingsley, a known and talented Oscar winner, played Bert.  Based on Corden and Kingsley’s performance, it was clear that the two had been friends for a long time, considering their constant laughter and warm embrace at the end of the episode.

Corden, Kingsley, and the rest of the cast for this Crosswalk Musical segment sang three well-known songs from the classic movie starring Julie Andrews. Some of the numbers were, “Spoonful of Sugar,” “Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious,” “Steppin’ Time,” and “Fly a Kite.” Therefore, be prepared to sing to these old tunes while watching the show in the video below. Also, be dually prepared to laugh till you cry when you see the driver’s facial expressions during and after each performance.

Considering Corden’s dancing, cross-dressing, and snide remarks, this was one of our favorite segments of Crosswalk The Musical thus far. Make sure to check it out if you haven’t already. Furthermore, make sure to keep watching the next couple of episodes of the Late Late Show with James Corden as he takes on London town.


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