Younger Season 4: Hillary Duff and Sutton Foster Spotting

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On Friday June 2, Hillary Duff was seen on set filming the fourth season of Younger and she was smiling from ear to ear in a trendy outfit beside her co-star and personal friend, Sutton Foster. The two were seen in New York. We are now more excited than ever for the upcoming episodes of the new season of Younger. 

Watch the trailer to get as excited as we are!

Not only is Duff seen as sassier than ever before in the trailer, but it also revealed guest star, Kristin Chenoweth. Chenoweth is set to play Marylynne Keller, a “spin doctor” trying to sell a book to Empirical. In addition to the reveal of this Tony and Emmy award-winning actress, there are many other guest stars that are expected to make this show even more of a hit. There will be appearances from Michael Urie, Charles Michael Davis, and Jennifer Westfeldt.

Warning: the rest of the article includes some key information about the last episode of Younger. Do not read forward if you haven’t watched it yet. 

On the last season of Younger, Sutton Foster who plays Liza, confessed her secret that she was not actually 26-years-old to Hillary Duff who plays Kelsey. With that, Liza had been telling lies for the entirety of the show. Not only did Liza jeopardize her relationship with Kelsey, but she also jeopardized her love life during the final hectic episode. Nico Tortorella who plays Josh, was left heart broken because of Liza’s affair with Peter Hermann who plays Charles. In fact, Josh saw Liza and Charles kissing just minutes before he was going to propose to her.

Tune in to TV Land on Wednesday June 28 at 10 pm to see how Liza copes with her regretful decisions what other twists will soon arise in the rest of the character’s lives. If you haven’t seen Younger yet, make sure to watch the first three seasons before June 28!

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