Ed Sheeran Sings with Jimmy Fallon & The Roots

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Ed Sheeran appeared on The Tonight Show last night and sang one of his new singles “Shape of You” alongside the Roots and host Jimmy Fallon in the Tonight Show Music Room. But things are always done a little differently at The Tonight Show and Sheeran sang the hit with the musical background of classroom instruments.

Sheeran shook a banana-shaped maraca as he sang, and the Roots played instruments from a xylophone to kazoo, and tambourine to ukelele. The musically talented Fallon sat front and center next to Sheeran, playing drums as well as a guiro.

This bit has also starred musical acts like One Direction, Adele, and Metallica. It’s a silly and fun way to hear hit songs, and it’s always fun to see Fallon, the Roots, and a singer all working together and dressed so casually. It’s like they do this all the time!

Sheeran has two other singles out from his upcoming third album, Divide, called “Castle on the Hill” and “How Would You Feel (Paean).” The singer’s last album, Multiply, was released in 2014, so fans are ready for long-awaited new music. This wait has felt especially long since Sheeran took a break from public appearances and social media for the entirety of 2016. We’re glad to have Ed back!

Divide comes out this Friday, March 3, 2017, and is available for preorder now.

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