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Jimmy Fallon and Kevin Hart scream their way through a haunted house

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Kevin Hart and Jimmy Fallon are hitting the streets once again making everyone laugh, but this time they are venturing through a haunted house.

In 2014, the duo filmed their fear on a roller coaster which ended up going viral. Hart and Fallon decided to challenge themselves once again by taking a stroll through Blood Manor, New York’s scariest haunted house.

Each equipped with body cams, they each hysterically made their way through the terrifying experience. At the beginning of the video, Fallon admits he does not like being scared, while Hart decided to take a tougher approach by saying he will kick anyone that jumps on him.

The minute they entered the house, the tough talk stopped and the world was able to see their fear. The two entertainingly ran screaming through the different portions of Blood Manor. At one point, Kevin Hart screams at an actor to “stop it” as he was being bombarded with a chainsaw.

When they finally reached the end, Hart states, “If you guys watched this and at any point it looked like I was afraid, I’m an actor, that’s me acting.” I’m sure, Kevin.

While Jimmy was the one who admitted he was going to be scared before they entered the house of horrors, it was Kevin who was screaming “Let me out!” by the end of Blood Manor.

Let’s face it, put any funny celebrity in a haunted house, and it will most likely be funny. Watch the hilarious video above.

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