Jimmy Kimmel’s Baby Bachelor in Paradise

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With all of the emotions that collected after last night’s season finale of the Bachelorette and the excitement of Bachelor in Paradise to finally air next Monday, leave it to Jimmy Kimmel to debut ‘Baby Bachelor in Paradise.’ After viewing it, we have to admit, ‘Bachelor in Paradise’ featuring adorable toddlers might be better than the real one.

In Jimmy Kimmel’s episode last night he opened with, “Tonight we bid farewell to another Bachelorette, but fear not because we have a new Bachelor spin-off. This is one I’m happy to executive produce… Baby Bachelor in Paradise.”

He said, “Their parents had no problem with them doing this,” as he introduced the show and babies. He also asked, “which babies would be paired off or sent napping?” Afterwards, each of the babies introduced themselves in hilarious and unique ways, complete with professions like “real estate agent” and “life coach.” Furthermore, Kimmel echoed some of the drama that previously happened on ‘Bachelor in Paradise’ in a creative way.

One of the babies said, “I’m Mayzie, and I’m crazy” as she introduced herself, and shortly afterwards she was seen flirting with one of the boys, Brenden. Then she said, “Sharks are my favorite animal…because they eat people.” Then, Brendan said, “She’s so beautiful, but crazy.” Kimmel tried to play “therapist,” otherwise known as the “Chris Harrison” role, as he coached Brenden through his emotional turmoil.

Then, Kimmel showed a couple brief scenes of what would happen next week on ‘Baby Bachelor in Paradise,’ We are hoping that Kimmel actually continues this series in future episodes of ‘Jimmy Kimmel Live,’ because it was absolutely hilarious.

Watch below to see for yourself:


Next Monday, the real ‘Bachelor in Paradise,’ will premiere on Monday evening. We already can assume that the adult Bachelors will act more like children than the toddlers featured on Kimmel’s ‘Baby Bachelor in Paradise.’

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