Tiger Woods Prepares for Masters Golf Tournament 2010

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Photo from xploitme via Flickr

Photo from xploitme via Flickr

During today’s press conference, set as a precursor to the 2010 Masters Golf Tournament, Woods spoke out about his physical and mental condition coming into the tournament.

In a casual polo shirt he stepped out to answer questions from the media. Tiger explained, “Coming in today I didn’t know what to expect, the encouragement… it blew me away…Something that touched my heart pretty good.” It is reported that fans have been accepting of the golfer during the practice rounds; Woods had previous expressed concern over how he’d be perceived following the sex scandal that has rocked his personal and professional life over the last few months.

He repeatedly emphasized his apology towards his family and friends. “I had some great years, unfortunately what I’ve done for the past few years was terrible for my family, my wife, my mom, my kids, my wife’s family… I take full responsibility…”

When asked about the question of rehab, no information was provided; Tiger regarded this as his personal matter. At the same time, he did clarify that “I’ve never taken illegal drugs, ever. I’ve had plasma treatments. I had the PRP injection into my LCL. In December I started to train and run again and tore my achilles. I had the PRP injections throughout the year.”  He also reassured the public that his knees and achilles are in good shape for the Masters as of right now.

Facing the tournament, Tiger is not nervous about the environment or public scrutiny, but rather his physical and mental condition. He must get back into physical and emotional harmony to play golf.  Hopefully this happens before the first hole, if not by the second, since he has not been playing at all for the past few months.

Tiger also expressed that he is looking forward to competing along the side with Steve Williams again. “To have Steve back is tremendous, we are honest with one other. We had one great talk. It’s also another part of his life that he likes to do. For us to go out together as a team, it feels good.”

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