Tiger Woods Speaks At Press Conference at the Masters Golf Tournament

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Tiger Woods speaks live at press conference at the Augusta National Golf Club at 11:00 PST. Tiger Woods is returning to golf after much controversy over his personal life and marital problems.  The Masters Golf Tournament will be the stage where Tiger Woods will attempt to start anew after his 5 month hiatus. While the past may not be behind him, the golf star is moving on with his life and his career.


Tiger Woods - Flickr via 'keithallison'

Woods last competed in November 2009, two weeks before the infamous day when he crashed his SUV outside his Florid home. Much has happened since then; numerous women have claimed to have had sexual encounters with the golfer, Woods issued a public apology for his behavior, and he has also been in treatment for what many speculate to be a sex addiction.

While his marriage is still on shaky ground, Tiger has been apologetic and recluse. He has lost significant endorsements over this scandal, and the only way for him to win back his sponsors, fans, and the hearts of the American people is to do what he does best – play golf.

Tiger hit the green on Sunday for a practice round, where he is said to have looked relaxed. He is scheduled to tee off in the tournament on Thursday.

The public loves controversy, but perhaps they love a good comeback story even more. If Tiger can put his previous transgressions behind him, answer questions from the press, and play golf with a clear mind, he may start to win back the admiration of the American public. This will not happen over night, but the press conference today is a start. We’ll all be tuned in to see what he says.

Will he talk at all about his personal life? Will it be all business? Tune in at 11:00AM PST to find out.

Watch the live streaming video here:

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