Tiger Woods Arrested for a DUI

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Police records show that Tiger Woods was found asleep at the wheel just before 2 am the morning of his arrest on Memorial Day, illegally parked. He had his right turn signal flashing, brake lights on, and was reportedly clearly under the influence. He was in his 2015 Mercedes Benz when Jupiter, Florida police found him by himself with his seat belt on.

Police had to wake Woods up and he slurred his words. According to the documentation, Woods tried to explain to the officers that he was driving home from Los Angles, and had no idea where he was. After saying this, he changed his story and asked how far he was from his house. Moreover, officers made Woods take the field sobriety test, in which he failed most components. He did complete reciting the alphabet backwards after several failed attempts, but couldn’t walk in a straight line after many attempts. Police said, “Missed heel to toe each time. Stepped off the line several times.”

Woods registered a 0.000 on the Breathalyzer test. He also passed the urine test. Woods then said a statement that it was a reaction to the prescription drugs he had been taking. The report also reads that Woods was cooperative.

Woods recently had back surgery and said he didn’t realize how much the mix of medication would affect him. He stated that he would also take full responsibility of his actions. His first court date will take place on July 5 according to the released document.


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