Casey Anthony: Death Hoax

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Casey Anthony has not died, even though initial reports from News 8 Now show that she was “bludgeoned to death.” The news site falsely reported that Anthony was killed in Ohio, with a blurred out photo of her “body,” however, Anthony is now living in West Palm Beach as a photographer.

The June 26 death claims provided that a man found a young female body in a vehicle dead near I-71 at a rest stop. The women was suspected to be Casey Anthony, said News 8 Now, an implausible news source. News 8 Now has deleted the reports, since information that the story was false were revealed.

Casey Anthony, was previously charged of murdering her 2-year-old daughter Caylee in 2011. Her daughter was found in the woods near Anthony’s home, but she was acquitted. Ever since 2011, her name has been in the limelight of news, considering this abominable charge and controversial topic addressed.

Recently, USA Today reported that a Florida Judge said that she “may” have killed her daughter, by accident, with chloroform.

There have been several news sources who have spotted Anthony over the years, but Anthony has routinely regretted to comment. In fact, she was seen at an Anti-Trump protest in February and even picking up her terrier at a groomer earlier this year.

Though Anthony has yet to speak out on the hoax, she has been reported to be working as a registered photographer in West Palm Beach, Florida. Her photography company is named, Case Photography, LLC, as a limited liability company. PEOPLE reported that Anthony has been too busy with her photography business to speak at this time. However, it seems hard to believe that Anthony would have many clients after questioned as a murderer of her child.

We will keep you updated on further updates regarding the hoax of Anthony’s death.

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