The Disaster That Was Ellen’s Interview With Jessica Simpson

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On Monday, Ellen DeGeneres brought out Jessica Simpson for an interview and it was cringe worthy. Simpson has always been known as being a “dumb blonde,” however, this persona isn’t as cute at 36-years-old when you’re a mother of two children. If you haven’t already watched it, see for yourself here:

Right off the bat, Simpson exclaimed her excitement about not being pregnant on DeGeneres’ show for once. After a snide remark by DeGeneres, Simpson then said, “We had an IUD. Nothing’s gonna get in that uterus!”

Later in the interview, Simpson embarrassed herself even more. When DeGeneres asked about her relationship with husband Eric Johnson, Simpson had a difficult time answering how many years she had been married to him. After floundering over basic math, she then said, “That’s a long time. I don’t know if I’ve ever had a seven-year relationship, other than with a woman.” Even DeGeneres was speechless for a moment after that remark and turned to the camera with wide eye balls and her jaw dropped to the floor. Simpson quickly replied, ““No! I mean, my besties that understand me,” as if she was a high school girl.

It was quite evident that DeGeneres was trying her best to keep Simpson on track for the majority of the interview, but rumors are spreading despite DeGeneres’ efforts. Was Simpson really that drunk on national television? Is Simpson just really dumb? No hard cold evidence has been distributed, but can surmise it was a combination of both.

Even though this interview was as cringe worthy as an interview could get, we do admire Simpson for being herself all these years and remaining successful. She is currently the mother of two adorable children, signed with Columbia Records at 16-years-old, a super-star actress, and has her own fashion line. So, she’s definitely doing something right and we commend her for that.

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