Terrorist Attack in London at Ariana Grande Concert

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The deadliest terrorist attack since the London bombings in 2005 occurred Monday night during Ariana Grande’s concert directly after her last song at Manchester Arena in England. With a death toll of 22 and over 50 people injured, our hearts go out to all those involved.

After Grande performed her last song, a bomb forcefully shred the entrance hall of the packed 22,000-seat arena. In a crowd comprised of young teenagers, many Grande fans were just about to leave to their parents parked outside or to the adjacent Victoria Station.

ISIS took responsibility of this evil act, the responsibility to persecute innocent families and young teenagers. The suicide bomber was killed during the blast at approximately 10:33 pm near the exit of the arena as pink balloons flooded from the ceiling, according to the authorities. Even though ISIS did claim responsibility, there was no evidence that they were involved. However, earlier, a 23-year-old man was arrested for being involved with the heinous attack.

Though Grande was not physically attacked, emotional turmoil consumed her and she sends her utmost condolences to the families involved. Grande tweeted, “broken. from the bottom of my heart, I am so sorry. I don’t have words.” Though there isn’t word that Grande will completely cancel her international tour, but she plans to suspend it until further notice. Grande and her team’s focus is currently centered on the fatalities of the concert, rather than the continuation of the tour.

We are heart broken by the dark misery that occurred in Manchester, England, yesterday and can only hope for a better and more secure future. The concert-goers, families involved, Grande and her team are in our thoughts.

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