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On Wednesday, Rob Kardashian shared explicit photos of his ex-fiancee, Blac Chyna over Instagram and is now going to pay the price. In the post, Kardashian also accused Chyna of cheating on him with excessive graphic language and definitive photos.

Some are claiming that these posts could be deemed as “revenge porn,” which would cause Kardashian many legal ramifications. In fact, this result could lead him to suffer from six months under California penal law, being in a civil lawsuit, and being on the receiving end of a family court order of protection. No to mention, Kardashian and Chyna also share a child, Dream, who would also have to suffer from this division and hurt.

Considering Kardashian’s large fan following on Instagram and Twitter, many people saw the nude photos and his future isn’t looking so bright. Kardashian was taken off of Instagram yesterday, but then went on an immature outrage over twitter.

Other sources say that Chyna actually liked the posts that Kardashian made, and if this was proven, Chyna could be the one suffering. Regardless, legal executives are stating that the law won’t completely help either side. In fact, Los Angeles attorney Nima Haddadi said exactly that in a statement.

Haddadi said, “The law will not apply 100 percent,” Haddadi predicted. “Also, the law says in order to be convicted there has to have been an understanding the images would remain private. ‘Liking’ the pics does not seem consistent with being upset that the pictures weren’t kept private.”

Therefore, we will have to wait for the former couple, who were once stars of the now defunct E! reality show, “Rob & Chyna,” to go to court to see how everything plays out. We will let you know if there are any more updates regarding Kardashian, Chyna, and their daughter, Dream. Hang tight.

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